Gucci Mane – “34 & 8” (ft. Pooh Shiesty) [Audio, Lyrics]

Gucci Mane - 34 & 8 (ft. Pooh Shiesty) (prod. IWeirdo, Shawn Ferrari & Mike WiLL Made-It)

American rapper, Gucci Mane is here with “34 & 8”, featuring Pooh Shiesty. The song was co-produced by IWeirdo, Shawn Ferrari & Mike WiLL Made-It. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Gucci Mane 34 & 8
Gucci Mane 34 & 8

As soon as Gucci Mane shared that he would be releasing a new track this week, fans were ready. There are several hot releases slated to drop this week, and Guwop added his name to the list with “34 & 8” featuring Pooh Shiesty. The latter has been one of the standout artists on Gucci’s 1017 Records but recently, he found himself on the wrong side of the law due to a shooting incident he was allegedly involved in.

After being granted bond on Wednesday (June 9), Pooh will be released from jail and it looks as if Gucci wanted to kick off the day by sharing their collaborative single. The track is said to appear on Gucci’s forthcoming album Ice Daddy that will hit streaming services on June 18. “My new album #ICEDADDY is available for Preorder/Pre-Save tonight at midnight everywhere!” the rapper shared on Instagram back in April. “Executive produced by my son @icedavis1017.”

Gucci Mane – 34 & 8 (ft. Pooh Shiesty) (prod. IWeirdo, Shawn Ferrari & Mike WiLL Made-It)

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Ear Drummers
Mike WiLL—
Mike WiLL Made-It

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
We strapped up like the Taliban, my hood something like Afghanistan
And I just put some cheese on his head like a Pakistan
Shiesty, that’s my Kobe Bryant, ain’t no way I’m tradin’ the man (Shiesty)
Don’t try me or my goons be at your house like they the cable man (Wow)
They say I’m a sex symbol, they say I’m a ladies man (Huh?)
Dressed up in the latest fashion, fashion show with Dapper Dan (It’s Gucci)
It look like I robbed the bank, so much bread, it make you faint
We be everywhere you ain’t, I go everywhere you can’t
I send shots at where you think, I got millions when I blink
I got birds like Arthur Blank, I just bought a purple mink
Cookin’ cocaine in the sink, seen some shit that make you drink (Drink)
Doin’ time, it make you think, got you clutchin’ on your shank
He said he gon’ rob who? That’s like tryna rob a tank
That’s some shit that get you spanked, they done had too much to drank
We just tryna get some ranks, spill your blood out like it’s paint
Say you wit’ it, but you ain’t, not a sinner, you a saint
I’ma make it plain and simple, send bullets at your Pampers and temple
You deep in that water and you don’t know what you into (No)
Gunners on the way, why you sayin’ what you ‘fend to?
We gon’ make you sprint when we pull up in them rentals (Go)
They just left a dent, he can’t run from where I sent ’em
Niggas jump a clique, they don’t even want to befriend ya
Niggas come to kill ya and they didn’t come to end ya
Nowhere to retreat, now you screamin’, “I surrender” (Quit)
Niggas ain’t ridin’ for you, don’t want to revenge you
Thought you was a lion, coulda swore you was a ninja (Swore you was a)
Heaven or hell, can’t decide where I’ma send ya
T-shirt with your face is the way they gon’ remember

[Verse 2: Pooh Shiesty]
Big blrrrd, blrrrd, ayy, big blrrrd
I’ma make your favorite robber give it up
I’m just chillin’ with your B-M, she said she wish it wasn’t two of us
Havin’ threesomes at the gym, bad bitches galore, ladies linin’ up
All the opps eat for attention right after they go and hide from us
In a couple months, went platinum, yeah, in two years, might go diamond, huh
All-black booty, Draco with the wood, can’t name a bitch fine as her
Lil’ baby ash on my diamonds, wide-body full of zaza
Ain’t gotta be brave, then a Arab be thinkin’ ’bout comin’ and tryin’ us
I told Wop he could drop me, he catch me outside with my chains tucked
I had bold niggas that dissed me in they songs, got they ass flamed up
And they better not say shit after this, I’ma come through and finish ’em
Might fuck them, tryna catch them, they cross they thumb and stick four fingers up
I knew I ain’t get the headshot but the fuck you mean I graved ’em? (Huh?)
Swear the Lord had to be with that baby-ass lil’ boy, that day, He saved ’em
I’m King Slime, rock you to sleep, then I put a snake in your cradle
I come get you ‘fore you clap me, Shiesty put shit in the newspaper
Blrrrd, blrrrd, big blrrrd, the newspaper, yeah
Every day a new hater, yeah, every day a new opp
I got new drops on they block, goddamn, why all my members locked?
Ayy, BIG 13 don’t give out passes, F-O-X, no Jamie Foxx
Every day, new high speed chase, ran through state troopers and the narc’
Won’t never pull over, no way, it’s a gold box behind my Glock
Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd
I was talkin’ ’bout sendin’ her a jet, send back a one-way flight with Spirit
Yeah, I be rappin’, but still a kid in the backseat without no jewelry
Lay in yo’ your yard, creep like a spy, move where you can’t see or can’t hear me
I said, “It ain’t no runnin’ from that fire,” know I’m comin’, them niggas fear me, blrrrd, blrrrd
Ayy, two Dracs, and let four glizzies, one MAC
In the CTF5V, four deep, push up right now, everybody gettin’ whacked
Throw the lob up to Wop like Kobe and Shaq
Word around town, they be takin’ your sack
Ayy, F&N choppers and Glocks when I move
Don’t come around with them jammin’-ass ProMags
Ayy, pour up a pint right, I ain’t leanin’ last
Pour champagne, but I might drink out the glass
(Pour champagne, but I might drink out the glass)

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