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Ill Bill – Be Afraid! (ft. Conway the Machine & Pharoahe Monch) (Audio, Lyrics)

Ill Bill is here with “Be Afraid!” featuring Conway the Machine & Pharoahe Monch. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Furio.

Ill Bill Be Afraid!

Ill Bill Be Afraid!

If you’re not up on Ill Bill, you need to check his underground resume.

The Brooklyn rapper’s been rapping for over 30 years, coming up alongside his brother Necro and as a part of Non-Phixion, La Coka Nostra, and Heavy Metal Kings.

He just released a new song titled “Be Afraid!” ahead of his upcoming album La Bella Medusa, which is slated to drop on October 30.

He enlists Griselda’s Conway the Machine and New York legend Pharoahe Monch for the new track, who waste no time getting busy with the bars over a dusty boom-bap drum loop.

Ill Bill – Be Afraid! (ft. Conway the Machine & Pharoahe Monch) (prod. Furio)


[Verse 1: ILL Bill]
Be afraid is your best option
Your brain on the wall, your eyes on your desk watchin’
Versace chopsticks and (rock shrimps) the top chefs
Experts at makin’ Pyrex strips
El Magico (would have taken half his shotty) to catch a body
He had the fuckin’ silencer wrapped up like a salami
Shot three of you’s, sounded like a baby sneeze
Stick trigger fully automatic baby squeeze
I sent shooters on scooters
Snipers on motorcycles, cruisers out of Ubers
Plus I supplied the Rugers
Uzi’s, Llamas and Lugers, Illuminati Palooza
Plus I know how you maneuver
Make a move I’ll leave your fuckin’ head smokin’ like a Hookah
Give your dome piece a crew-cut
It’ll happen so fast you won’t even know who or what

Be Afraid

[Verse 2: Conway The Machine]
Look —
Thirty shot, Mac violent, this carriage got in the game with a flow that niggas obviously cherished, jump out the Mas’
Shit on my necklace, about a hundred carats (Talk to ’em)
Hand on my shotty and I’m probably finna air it (Boom boom boom boom)
I shit on anything niggas send me to spit on (Ah)
Any niggas get out of line I dump a clip on
Before rap I was in them kitchens getting’ my mix on
Carpal tunnel all in my wrist from getting’ my whip on
I’m realer than the rappers you deem to be real niggas
You call ‘em big homies, to me he a lil’ nigga (Ha)
If it’s smoke I ain’t never to busy to deal with ya
But I call Lil Brody and ensure that you killed quicker
Spill liquor, still pictures on light poles
Drum all in the stick, it ain’t heavy that’s the light pole
Send peace on your head, yeah I know the price low
They wanna make sure it’s done before the end of the night tho
Machine, ait yo?
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Be Afraid

[Verse 3: Pharoahe Monch]
Spit that fire from the pit of my soul it’s never debatable
Your bio is degrading, thank God it’s biodegradable
You need to sell pork sausages in a Synagogue, look
All my dogs are cold like Iditarod
And that there is a Klondike bar
For any female MC asking me for sixteens, I’m like
What did you do for this Klondike bar
Slam any MC on the concrete you consider hard
Thought any scheme but guessed to God a worthy plan
Shit on any so-called King and Queen
Leave to the (?)
Then I did you a dirty hand
You should be afraid, you should be very afraid
Try to escape I will mutilate you in various ways
When the chariot swing down I’ll make the chariot stay
And (prayin?) for vibranium to destroy the Aryan race with
Gemstar (?) facelift


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