Injury Reserve – “Footwork in a Forest Fire” [Audio, Lyrics]

Injury Reserve - Footwork in a Forest Fire (prod. Injury Reserve)

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Injury Reserve Footwork In A Forest Fire
Injury Reserve Footwork In A Forest Fire

On “Footwork in a Forest Fire,” however, Stepa J. stole the show. With a performance that truly encapsulates the COVID-19-related paranoia and police brutality-induced distress of 2020, Stepa J.’s verse perfectly meshes with Parker Corey’s frantic production, and it serves as yet another reminder that the fallen artist will be sorely missed.

Injury Reserve – Footwork in a Forest Fire (prod. Injury Reserve)

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[Verse 1: Stepa J Groggs]
Panic in the skies
Panic in the sky
Worse down below
There’s nowhere to go
You better run and hide
Take your ass inside
If you don’t go, breathe the air
You mightn’t stay alive
You mightn’t stay alive
Are you down to ride?
Yeah, we down to riot
I said, we down to riot
Sorry mama I tried my best
To no longer be polite
They tried to take my life
And they take my rights
Yeah, it’s a sign
A sign of the times
Time of the sign
Look to the sky
Look down below
Watch whеre it go
You know what you know
You know what you know

[Verse 2: Ritchie with a T]
Stop drop and roll
Yeah thеy say they ten toes


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