Jadakiss – “Who Shot Ya Freestyle” [Audio, Lyrics]

Jadakiss - Who Shot Ya Freestyle (prod. DJ Green Lantern)

unveils freestyle produced by , titled “”. Stream, read the lyrics, enjoy and share the song.

Jadakiss Who Shot Ya Freestyle
Jadakiss Who Shot Ya Freestyle

Jadakiss – Who Shot Ya Freestyle (prod. DJ Green Lantern)

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It’s that time motherfuckers, dub dime motherfuckers
That’s me motherfuckers, yeah the champ part 3 motherfuckers

All praises, all burners, all razors
Hands down nigga the game is all Jada’s
Something hot drop I get ’em in all flavors
He’s a dick, you pussy y’all neighbors
Yeah, two extra whores
I’m in the new Aston with two extra doors
With a quick flip I don’t try to stretch for more
One hundred percent powder, extra raw
And I get it from Giuseppe, either him or the eses
I’ve been smacking these rappers around for a decade
Still tryin to get mami to sacame la leche
Know if I take her out I could pop her the next day
The Black Mamba of the vocals, MJ of the Pro Tools, anti social
Phil Jack on the track but I can’t coach you
This is just audio of shit that I go through
Guns in the couch, money in the mattress
And I would have got the Bentley but I had to pay taxes
Settle for a polo fit and some air maxes
Your flows a light sprain, mines is a fracture
Uh, but the X-rays negative
You a coward, in jail you could never live
Nah, You barely living out here
Im the reason you breathing it’s like im giving out air
I got stocks in the block and im giving out shares
To niggas that don’t talk cause they giving out years
I don’t know you, you ain’t familiar
And I don’t care who shot you cause they ain’t kill ya’
As far as the word play, I’m a son of a bitch
These niggas is decent, but ain’t none of ’em Kiss
MTV y’all know, I’ll punish the list
Them niggas’ jewelry is fake and ain’t none of ’em rich
Notice they keep watching ’em, there’s no stoppin’ em
V neck, crush linen, suede louie moccasins
They won’t dry up but you can’t buy luck
Cashmere sweats with the gucci tie ups
Overlooking the city my nigga I’m high up
And I could get your brains blown out for five bucks
Im always in the hood, thats cause I rep that
My paperwork good niggas already checked that
Im probably just comfortable cause thats where I slept at
The desert is blue steel, The forty is jet black

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