J.I.D – JIDtranada Freestyle (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-10-31

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J.I.D unveils the “JIDtranada Freestyle”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by KAYTRANADA.

J.i.d Jidtranada Freestyle

J.i.d Jidtranada Freestyle

Is it fair to call it J.I.D season, or is that simply naive optimism talking? Either way, the Spillage Village lyricist has been increasingly active, having dropped off a new freestyle earlier this week — you can check out the Christo-produced track right here, should you be so inclined. Now, he’s officially emerged with another new freestyle, this time enlisting Kaytranada to hold it down behind the boards. In that department, Kaytra slides through with a lowkey bop, the perfect backdrop for JID to kick effortless flows.

By now, we’ve already come to expect as much from the acclaimed Dreamville signee, who has been sitting on a few key projects for a minute now. It’s hard to assess if and when he’s planning on another November drop — lest we forget DiCaprio 2’s November arrival in 2018, but fans are hopeful that we’ll see a new J.I.D album sooner than later. Especially when he continues to rap at such a high caliber. “Twenty-somethin, Kurt Cobain inside the game, swerving change inside your lane,” he spits. “Heard you people want me dead well get in line and file your claim.”

J.I.D – JIDtranada Freestyle (prod. KAYTRANADA)


Paradise, Paradise
Escapades, shit
Look, uh

I’m just an old ass young nigga
A smart ass dumb nigga
A brand new nigga but I still know where I’m from
I just been bangin’ my drum
Bangin’ your chick ’till she cum
And I go, and she come again, but I’m on the run
I’m just an insane sane nigga
An untamed tamed nigga
My membrane tainted, my pen pad painted with paint
Point blank range, aim at your brain, bang I’m angry
Drinkin’ Jamy, I’m just like you and we ain’t the same
20 something, Kurt Cobain inside the game
Swerve a change inside your lane
Heard them people want me dead
So get a 9 to 5 your claim
State your gang and state your name
Which change and hate for hate
You take a shot, I take a shot, my .38 like 8 for 8
So what’s the play-by-play, ’cause day-by-day we set the pace
Feel like Tay we do the race but no this ain’t a game[?]
So make my days, so make my days, so make my days, so make my day
Nigga you faded, run my fade
Nigga you crazy, gun my waist
Look at you wasted, stay in your place
Fuck all the fakin’ we makin’ the shake
I’m from the A so we bakin’ and takin’ a nigga cave play state, milk shake, red drink, and sandwiches
What it be sayin’, it comin’ back for what we taken for granted
And for what people took from grand daddy (What?)
Kinda shocked ’cause damn it was steady (Wait)

Throw your hands in the air and just wait
Wait because in the air brush the waves and get fade, wait
Wave a pretty lady
Wait, wait
Throw your hands in the air and just wait
Wait because in the air brush the waves and get fade, wait
Wave a pretty lady

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