Jimmy Edgar – Get Up (ft. Danny Brown) (Audio)

Jimmy Edgar - Get Up (ft. Danny Brown) (prod. Jimmy Edgar)

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Jimmy Edgar Get Up
Jimmy Edgar Get Up

The beat sounds like a machine lurching out percussion and electronic whoops, but Danny Brown is no stranger to finding his pocket in unconventional beats.

Edgar’s beat creates a grim backdrop for Danny Brown to implore listeners to do more with their lives as he offers his take on current events.

“Cop pull you over then it’s over, you/Black man shot, night down the stretcher,” Brown raps, sounding as urgent as he did discussing addiction on XXX. “Under too much damn pressure/Stay stressed out, no helping out/We gotta keep it together.”

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The end result is a song that Danny Brown completely makes his own, sounding like a cross between his more experimental work on The Hybrid and XXX.

Jimmy Edgar – Get Up (ft. Danny Brown) (prod. Jimmy Edgar)

Quotable Lyrics

Smoking on that stinky
Salsa like merengue
Beat it up, she hurricanin’
Screaming out “ay bay bay”
Trapped up in this rat race
Money owed like VATs paid
Chains looking like ice age
Cashing out like tax day

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