Joey Trap – Brace (Audio, Lyrics)

Joey Trap - Brace (prod. Enrgy Beats)

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Joey Trap Brace
Joey Trap Brace

New York’s Joey Trap had one hell of a year in 2020. In fact, he had one hell of a year in 2019, as well. The Chicago rapper has continued to release tons of music at a rapid pace, whether it’s in the form of a new single or a new project. Chances are that he has a new project in the pipeline but he’s evidently getting the people ready for it. This week, the rapper returned with a chilling new banger titled, “Brace.” Though it runs for a little under two minutes, Trap delivers a shoulder bouncing bop with a vintage twist to it as he flexes his lyrical muscle.

Joey Trap – Brace (prod. Enrgy Beats)


(E-E-E-Enrgy made this one)
Feel me? Let’s talk about money, nigga
These niggas be talkin’ too much ’bout that other shit, nigga
I don’t know ’bout that

Came out the trap with a brace on
Limp to the Benz, why the fuck would I race y’all?
Bitch in the back tryna top, let her face off
I’m countin’ bands, switchin’ lanes, tryna chase God
I just left the bank with M’s
When you get this money, you don’t need no friends
Bustin’ off the top, I don’t need no pen
Smokin’ out the pound, I don’t need no tens
Tints hella dark and it’s Aston
Been mad far since the jump, can you splash it
Can’t love a thot, I remain old fashion
Talkin’ on the ‘Gram, but won’t bring no action, yo’
If you a bitch, then I’m taxin’
Go bring my ten ‘hind the fence, bring the packs in
No, I’m not rich, but my diamonds is flashin’
You niggas hate ’cause you can’t get no cash in, uh
Bro hit the stands, go forty
Ain’t no more pain in this range, oh lordy
Came with a brain, man, I love your shorty
Ain’t Santa Claus, but I think she naughty, uh
We could put your mans on the news
Spend a couple bands on these damn Prada shoes
Diamonds really swimmin’, yeah, they ran on the cruise
Aquafina drippin’, how the fuck could I lose? I can’t
Don’t got no one to thank
I just hopped in my bag and made sure my fam ate all day
What the fuck can you say, nigga? Tell me
I’m smokin’ loud, you can smell me, you should
I’m good, I’m hood
You been mad, but it’s all understood, we straight
Thank God he good
In a Jag, I’m on the damn interstate, uh
Jolly Rancher in my Faygo, Daygo
Niggas know they never really play though, hate though
Fuckin’ count the bands in your face, ho’, I do it
Niggas, they talk, but don’t go through it

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