Joyner Lucas – What’s Poppin (remix) (What’s Gucci) (Audio, Lyrics)

Joyner Lucas - What's Poppin (remix) (What's Gucci) (prod. jetsonmade)

unveils the remix to “What’s Poppin” titled “What’s Gucci”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by .

Joyner Lucas What's Poppin (remix)
Joyner Lucas What’s Poppin (remix)

Artists just can’t help but be drawn to Jack Harlow’s “What’s Poppin’.” The single became a viral sensation, especially when TikTok users featured a clip of the song for their social media flexes. Then, Harlow returned with the official remix to the track, a new version stacked with heavy-hitters including Lil Wayne, DaBaby, and Tory Lanez. Even Justin Bieber showed off his rapping skills to the “What’s Poppin'” beat, and now it’s Joyner Lucas’s turn as the applauded emcee shared “What’s Poppin Remix (What’s Gucci)” on Friday (August 28).

It’s undeniable that Joyner Lucas is a formidable force lyrically, and he blazes through “What’s Poppin Remix (What’s Gucci)” effortlessly.

Joyner Lucas – What’s Poppin (remix) (What’s Gucci) (prod. jetsonmade)

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What’s gucci? (Joyner)
Boston bitch, she bougie (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, you goofy
Told niggas, “You don’t like me? Shoot me”
And if you don’t wanna fight me, sue me
Guaranteed niggas won’t like the new me
This feel like a Spike Lee movie

Room full of hoes and I might get choosy
Please excuse me
All of my moves are carefully planned
Don’t play with me, I’m a family man
I put your bitch on my family plan
My mansion lookin’ like Fantasy Land
I bought a beach with some Canada sand
All of my moves are carefully planned
I’m two steps ahead like Nigerian scams (Word)
Now hand me the Benz
You in the crib and I’m here with the fans
My bitch got titties like Pamela And’
And she wanna fuck in a janitor’s van
I’m ’bout to turn to a psycho
You ’bout to see my true colors like Michael
I’m ’bout to pick niggas up with a rifle
I never lit niggas up but I might though
I’m a cool nigga but I can get spiteful
I’m ’bouta fuck this shit up like a typo
You do not know me, no, we ain’t related
And we ain’t got mutual friends that I might know
I don’t wanna be acquainted regardless
Every bitch I ever been with told me I’m heartless
I don’t trust a single motherfucker, I’m cautious
I can never win, they want me up in a coffin
Way before I started winnin’, had a couple of losses
Had to make a livin’ out my mother’s apartment
Wasn’t too much opportunity to come up in Boston
I was fucking exhausted, I was done with the talkin’
I was workin’ odd jobs, had me stuck in the office
On God, I was outside runnin’ and walkin’ nonstop
On a dark block, duckin’ and dodgin’ all cops
‘Til they all stop, buckin’ and sparkin’ all Glocks
‘Til my heart stops workin’ at ten breaths
I benchpress any fuck nigga relentless
I been dead, I ain’t put you niggas to bed yet
The bed wet, this a wet dream of wet sex wit’ rednecks
Why am I not allowed to feel, to feel free?
I learned from God, whatever will, just will be
I bet you prolly wanna kill, to kill me
The cops who killed Breonna Taylor still free
And George Floyd’d prolly kill to still breathe
How many black lives did they kill to kill me?
I protest but we still feel no real peace
I hear no relief, I still don’t feel free
And man I hate fucked up rules
Got a fucked up head with some fucked up screws
Bitch, please don’t put me in a fucked up mood
Got twin nines, so we play duck, duck, goose
Better jump up, move ‘fore I bump rush
Niggas get lumped up too, I’m in a fucked up mood
I don’t even trust me, why the fuck trust you?
Three deep in your crib like a drug bust, one plus two, nigga
I’m with the fam
Bitch, you a pig, I don’t fuck with no ham
All y’all been sleepin’, I’m tuckin’ you in
I built the label then upped the event
Please don’t compare me to none of these scrams
I’m buildin’ my brand, you stuck in the ground
I took advantage and stuck to the plan (Joyner)
Fuck is you sayin’?

What’s gucci? (Joyner)
Boston bitch, she bougie (Yeah, yeah)
Look, you goofy
Told niggas, “You don’t like me? Shoot me”
And if you don’t wanna fight me, sue me
Guaranteed niggas won’t like the new me (They won’t)
This feel like a Spike Lee movie
What’s gucci?

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