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Juicy J – Fuk Columbia Records (Audio, Lyrics)

Listen, Mp3 Download, Lyrics to Juicy J’s beef song against his label, Columbia Records titled FUK. The song was self-produced by Juicy J.

Juicy J Fuk Columbia Records (prod. Juicy J)

Juicy J Fuk Columbia Records (prod. Juicy J)

Juicy J made it abundantly clear that he is done with Columbia Records when the Three 6 Mafia founder dropped a heated diss track trashing the label. During the wee hours of Saturday morning, Juicy J took to Twitter to open the floodgates. After threatening to leak his “whole album,” hyping up the impending diss track, and yelling “fuk em” to everyone warning him not to drop it, Juicy J officially put “Fuk Columbia Records” on Soundcloud and shared a video of himself dancing to it on his social media platforms.

With this drop, Juicy incited a war between himself and his label, where he’s been signed since Three 6 Mafia made Da Unbreakables in 2003. He also released Stay Trippy, in 2013 as a solo artist under the label as well, but it looks like he’d fed up with how the company has treated him over the years. In the same series of tweets, Juicy discussed how the label did not value him. “I gave Columbia Records 20+ years of my life,” he tweeted, “and they treat me like backwash.”

The song itself outlines all the ways that Columbia treated him like a slave and restricted him as an artist. Very fittingly, Juicy attached Prince’s iconic acceptance speech for the Artist of The Decade award at The 2000 Soul Train Awards at the end of the track. Prince famously fought for total artistic control and freedom from his label, Warner Bros., during which time he often appeared with the word “SLAVE” written on his face, which Juicy used as the track’s cover art. Juicy’s stance on the matter could not be clearer: “F*ck y’all hoes.”

Juicy J – Fuk Columbia Records (prod. Juicy J)


What Juicy say he be like?
Shut the fuck up

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck y’all hoes
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck y’all hoes (Mafia)
Fuck y’all hoes
Fuck y’all hoes
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck y’all hoes
Fuck y’all hoes

Fuck Columbia Records, tell them bitches count they days
Since I got all these chains they must think a nigga a slave
They want a nigga that own no masters
They want a nigga that call them master
Hell no, I ain’t gon’ go, Juicy ain’t no ho
If I waited on Columbia, then I’d be out here broke
I sold albums, sold out tours but I never sold my soul
Nigga do all this fuckin’ grindin’, hustlin’, 24/7
Soon as my shit start bubblin’ up, they want all the credit (Fuck y’all)
Record labels can eat a dick
They wanna sit back and get rich
You in a lake house in New Hampshire
What the fuck you know ’bout a hit?
How I last this fuckin’ long, I stay solid to this day
They throw a contract in your face, want you to sign your life away
Fuck ’em

Fuck, fuck, fuck y’all hoes
Fuck, fuck, fuck y’all hoes
Fuck, fuck, fuck y’all hoes
Fuck y’all hoes (Mafia)
Fuck y’all hoes
Fuck y’all hoes
Fuck, fuck, fuck y’all hoes
Fuck y’all hoes
Fuck ’em

[Outro: Prince]
Well it’s not your game, you didn’t make the rules
So everything comes hard
As long as you’re signed to a contract, you’re gonna take a minority share of the winnings
A select few of us will do well, the majority will not
So as a people, will be considered a minority
But let’s stop and take a moment to look at yourself
There’s nothing minor about you, you are a blessed people
You’re the most talented on earth and you are still grateful
That is why upon winning in their game, you always thank God
Tonight, I would like to ask one favor of you
Imagine what it all would be like in our own game
Peace and love for one another

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