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Juvenile – 400 Degreez (Audio, Lyrics)

Throwback to Juvenile’s “400 Degreez ” track. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Mannie Fresh.

Juvenile 400 Degreez

Juvenile 400 Degreez

In the late nineties, Birdman and his Cash Money Millionaires were in the process of taking control of the rap game. At the forefront of the movement was Juvenile, who came through to make a resounding statement with his debut album 400 Degreez. Released twenty-two years ago to this day (one year earlier than Lil Wayne’s 1999 debut The Block Is Hot), Juvie’s Mannie Fresh-produced classic is widely praised on the strength of “Back Dat Azz Up” and “Ha.” Yet throughout the eighteen-track project are plenty of highlights to behold, with the title track shining particularly bright.

In contrast to the bulk of the album’s production, “400 Degreez” feels oddly sinister with its off-kilter robotic chant. For whatever reason, it incited something deadly in Juvenile, who opted to assert his dominance from the opening bars onward. “You see me I eat sleep shit and talk rap,” he declares. “You see that 98 Mercedes on TV? I bought that / I had some felony charges I fought that / been sent to no return but still was brought back.” And in a refreshing turn, Juvenile retains that same energy throughout the three-verse banger, imbuing “400 Degreez” with the intensity a title track merits.

Juvenile – 400 Degreez (prod. Mannie Fresh)


[Intro: Vocoder Voice]
400 degreez

[Verse 1]
Ya see me I eat sleep shit and talk rap
Ya seen that 98 Mercedes on TV, I bought that
I had some felony charges I fought that
Been sent to no return but still was brought back
Nigga threw some slangs at me whodie I caught that
I punished them lil bitches before they can car jack
Now I’m lookin for they family and pile up the war bat
If I ain’t a hot boy then what do you call that
Nigga disrespect me I’mma be in all black
Companied by some niggas bout killin’ and all that
Me Cory and Mercy gettin’ ducked off
Ride top down so we let the trucks park
In the jeep ridin’ four deep
I booted up at these nigga claimin’ they know me

[Chorus: Vocoder Voice]
You don’t want to fuck wit me
Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz
Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz

[Verse 2]
Bitch what I’ll bust yo ass up
Don’t even go there whodie cuz I’m ready to mask up
I heard about the money that’s some nice change
For the right price I’ll bust the right brain
Why must a nigga try I can’t do the right thing
Only God knows what the future might bring
Nigga might be shy, nigga might be triflin’
Nigga might survive if he bout that rifling
Whats up that’ll stop a nigga from playin’
Something like a chopper or a grenade in his hand
Boy look nigga don’t play no games no mo
Nigga’ll bust ya head if you bang his ho
Attitude adjustments we all need
Don’t call the law enforcements nigga call me
I bet cha I’ll get them niggas off yo block
I bet cha I’ll show them niggas this boy hot

[Chorus: Vocoder Voice]
You don’t want to fuck wit me
Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz
Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz

[Verse 3]
Alright stop it cause I done had enough
When it comes to my pockets I’m ready to bust
Baby let me get the keys to the roover truck
Man let me get this beef shit over bruh
Ain’t no bit this year I’m from the ‘Nolia bruh
Whats yo beef plan cuz it was told to us
How I’ma be runnin’ with these killas and backin’ down
How I’ma look in front of my people, like a clown
Tha G code what we live by and we die by
The book is what we will never abide by
Niggas drive by, gettin’ loose
Beefing with each other like the Checker Board and Goose
Come in Compton or the Watts nigga
Up in New York ya keep’ ’em open watch nigga
Foe ya played by a hit or retalion
All fine young black females stallions
Give me the keys to ya car and ya medallion
You far away from ya home you’s an alien

[Chorus: Vocoder Voice]
You don’t want to fuck wit me
Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz
Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz

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