Kenny Mason – A+ (ft. Denzel Curry) (Audio, Lyrics)

Kenny Mason - A+ (ft. Denzel Curry) (prod. Roark Bailey & Juberlee)

Kenny Mason is here with “A+” featuring Denzel Curry. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to the song produced by Roark Bailey & Juberlee.

Kenny Mason A+
Kenny Mason A+

Though Denzel Curry has been feeling underappreciated of late, that hasn’t stopped him from laying waste to any instrumental in his path. As it happens, the latest target arrives courtesy of Kenny Mason, who came through to offer up his brand new single “a+” this afternoon. Immediately fueled by a few innocuous synthesizers, some bouncy percussion immediately slams this one into banger territory. “Some n***a just passed away, shit seem like an average day,” spits Kenny. “This new stick cost half a K, n***as too up to lack today.”

Alongside another charismatic lyricist, Curry’s own character has all the more to shine. It’s no secret that the Floridian is one of the game’s best technicians, as versatile as any rapper. Yet there’s something notably pure about hearing him body a hard-hitting beat, especially when he comes through with a slick double-time verse. Coming out of a ridiculously hard “Deez/D’s” scheme, Denzel proceeds to float as he wraps “a+” up with an energetic performance.

Kenny Mason – A+ (ft. Denzel Curry) (prod. Roark Bailey & Juberlee)


Denzel, no need for details, I’m just a young male
Who takin’ dumb Ls, proceed to prevail
I went through mad hell, the boy cannot fail
You a servant ’til you die at twenty-one
Knew a lotta ni**as that put crackers on the run

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