Kenny Mason – Partments

Kenny Mason - Partments (prod. Kenny Mason)

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Kenny Mason Partments
Kenny Mason Partments

Kenny Mason has quietly been dropping some of the best music coming out of Atlanta for a while now. Following a string of impressive singles in 2019, the West Atlanta artist unleashed his debut album Angelic Hoodrat. The astonishing effort showcased his wealth of talents from his undeniable lyrical abilities to his incredible ear for rock-infused rap.

Following the release and warm reception of Angelic Hoodrat, Mason continued having a stellar year by appearing on Deante’ Hitchcock’s deluxe version of Better and collaborating with artists such as J.I.D., IDK, and Denzel Curry.

Kenny Mason – Partments (prod. Kenny Mason)

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[Verse 1]
This lil block inform me of my fate
This lil block gon warn me I ain’t safe
This lil block get warm enough to bake
That lil pot gon warm us up a plate
Don’t do nothing for me bitch I’m straight
Won’t do nothing for me if I wait
I can paint a portrait with these stains
I can make a fortune with my pain

This lil partment hoarding all this rage
This lil partment water off today
This lil partment more then what they say
This lil partment home to my lil gang
I think it’s a shortage in this chord
This shit feel distorted when I sang
This shit feel important when I say
May not be important shit, but hey

Bruh just pulled 40 out in class
Ain’t no one gone bully him today
I just pulled up on em with some zap
Ain’t no diamonds fuckin’ up this chain
Pull up with a puppy in my lap
I look like a puppy with some wings
I look like an angel in the sun
I look up and burn into a rage

Chopper sing
Shatter my heart in half
Let me know I can sleep
Tell me it’s not so bad
Tell me you got my back
Tell me you got my back
Telling you how it go
Growing where I was at
Jump in my partner beef
Pick up my partner slack
Carry my partner grief
Pick up my partner strap
He know I got his back
Tell me you got my back
Telling you how it go
Growing where I was at

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