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Kevin Gates – “Waddup Homie (Pt. 2)”

Kevin Gates unveils a second part to “Waddup Homie”. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy, mp3 download the song produced by Derelle Rideout & Bizness Boi.

Kevin Gates Waddup Homie (pt. 2)

Kevin Gates Waddup Homie (pt. 2)

Kevin Gates has been quietly been releasing singles over the past few weeks with little promotional tactics. For Gates, his mysterious presence is arguably his most alluring, especially since his release from prison. Though he’s not at the stature of a Beyoncé, the surprise release tactic is still effective. For example, the release of yesterday’s Only The Generals Part II. Serving as the sequel to his 2019 EP, Gates offers a full LP on this one, stacked with 12 songs in total.

No features are attached to the project, which isn’t necessary for Gates, anyways. The rapper shines his best when he’s left to his own devices. On “Waddup Homie Pt. 2,” Gates brings fans into the world of bosses, detailing his rise from being Lil Kevin On Carolina to “supplyin’ my environment.”

Kevin Gates – Waddup Homie (Pt. 2) (prod. Derelle Rideout & Bizness Boi)


Almighty God, I ask that you be with each and every one of our brothers and sisters
That’s lost, that’s found, that’s incarcerated, that’s free
I pray that You bring our loved ones home, immediate release

Visitation at the prison, on the list, I’m rockin’ bling
Name rang, they know my face, it ain’t no need to see ID
Used to pull up foreign, park the whip and hop out VIP
Lawyer told me ’cause of COVID, I can’t come inside the bing (What you mean?)
God answers prayers, be back quicker than you think
Ain’t it a trip how time fly by quicker than you blink?
Just rolled through our ghetto, it ain’t like it used to be
Everybody on that H and my lil’ baby sellin’ D (For real)
Shit they sayin’ on that internet, you know you can’t believe (Man, come on)
These niggas guns be wild firin’, they terrified of beef (For real)
Any moment we can wild out and get ’em put to sleep
Well-connected, know I’m WiFi, I’m really in the streets
Do you remember I was bad off on the lean? No longer drink, put down the bottle
Lil’ Kevin Gates on Carolina next door to Miss Connie
Got customers that come for weight, I distribute narcotics (Ooh)
Used to bump the hip, re-rock and shake, I’m cookin’ in the bottom (Ooh)
Nowadays I rock the stage and make ’em move they body (Make ’em move they body)
On my way back from Lafayette, I exit off of Highland (Off of Highland)
Make a left on East Buchanan, press the pedal, we in throttle (Vroom)
Monte Carlo back, then I’m supplyin’ my environment (My environment)
Just hit me for a hizzy, I’ma need about a hour
That’s a half a brick for niggas who ain’t rockin’ like I’m rockin’ (Like I’m rockin’)
Eighteen zips, he want it soft, that’s not a problem (Not a problem)
On the hip with Chicago, bae come bring me that, she got me
She like, “Bae, where you say it’s at?”
Underneath the counter
Next to the chair and cereal, but right behind the boxes
Brian, give me thirty minutes, my bitch on the way from Scotland
Stoppin’ off on Canyon, man, I’m jumpin’ out a Honda
I’m in power with a collar shirt, there go Luca Brasi
I’ma grinder, but you from where I’m from, then losing’s not an option
Multiple convictions but we don’t believe in stoppin’
Tryna do it with the work until I get the music poppin’ (Music poppin’)
70805, they know we cut like that, that’s all the way (All the way)
The people just had passed, but we still trappin’, servin’ all the Js (All the Js)
Go to jail and jump the bond, we right back the retarded way
Prayin’ the feds don’t pick up on my charges, keep it all in state
If that’s the case, Rodney Messina, get it dismissed, a call away
Frank Ferrara made me cop out, I done threw the ball away
Now I’m pressin’ Tedrick tryna see if he make these charges shake
I need you in the court of laws (I need you), they tryna throw us all away
What up, homie? You know I’m with you right or wrong
I just hope you know I miss you and I wish you hurry home
Your children gettin’ big, in a minute they gon’ be grown (For real)
I know just how you feel, your baby mama did you wrong (Fuck that bitch)
Be like, “What up with you homie?
You know I’m with you right or wrong
Just hope you know I miss you and I wish you hurry home
Know my schedule done got hectic when I don’t pick up the phone
You know it kill me when you stressin’, I can hear it in your tone
I want my family back together, I just pray it don’t be long (Yeah)
I just put together this letter and stuck it in a song (Ayy)
The ones you love the most will be the ones that do you wrong
I just put together this letter and stuck it in a song

Yeah, this ain’t nothin’ my nigga
Bitch, you know I’m all chill
I’m all in the visitation room, you know, shirt bust open
You heard me?
Diamonds glistenin’ everywhere (Bling-bling, blaow, blaow, blaow)
Earrings and my necklace and my wrist they look like February (Bling-bling, blaow, blaow, blaow)
I just bought food for the whole compound, you heard? (Real life)
I ain’t really into shinin’, I just do that shit for Mazi
Real niggas up the road that hold it down on the jokes
Ha, I just pray you don’t be too long

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