Key Glock – 712 AM (Freestyle) (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Key Glock - 712 AM (Freestyle) (prod. Wheezy & TM88)

Key Glock unveils the new freestyle video, “712 AM”, produced by Wheezy & TM88. Listen, stream, read the lyrics for the song.

Key Glock 712 Am (freestyle)
Key Glock 712 Am (freestyle)e lyrics,

It’s been a tumultuous few months for Key Glock but in recent times, he’s turned to music as he’s confronted adversities. The rapper slid through with the release of Yellow Tape (Deluxe) earlier this year, and now, he’s slid through with a brand new freestyle. The Memphis rapper takes on Future’s “712 AM” off of I Never Liked You and celebrates his consecutive wins. The rapper’s muddy flow takes on a similar cadence to Future’s while basking in the glory of his wealth. The record also came with an accompanying music video that shows him cruising around in a yellow Lamb truck, hitting the gas station, and stocking up on soda.

Key Glock – 712 AM (Freestyle) (prod. Wheezy & TM88)

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(Wheezy outta here)

Sitting in the back of the Benz sipping drizzank
I been going crazy running in and out the bizzank
If it wasn’t for google, mane that bitch wouldn’t know my real name
Drop the lambo truck on my watch you can go ask —
Let the doors swing on the lambo, yeah this a rich thing
Having too much money, my accountant start complaining
I drink all this mud, no I can’t help it; it’s my boo thing
Oh this nigga said he gon do what ? well I’m like okay
Money so long I been getting it on
Yeah nigga I been going dumb
I been going dumb
Still going dumb
I been running this shit up
Big goyard bag full of cash
Now this bitch wanna come fuck
Straight out south Memphis
Ain’t shit change
I still might hit me a lick
I bought that T-Rex with my tour money
Barley drive that bitch
Wokhart by the PT, they hate me when I drink that shit
I know you see these diamonds hitting behind this president tint
Every time I pull up they be like “who the fuck is him ?”
I been getting richer and richer like every year
Stuck in the streets
Stuck in my ways
Yeah it’s no way out
Sleep with a big K by the bed
And got one by the couch
I’m all in Europe, now I’m touring
That little nigga like to flex
The Mclea doing the dash
I’m trying my best here not to wreck
Damn near gave that bro a mill just to ice out my chest
This hoe lying about a kid
I should’ve never touch that bitch
I got fentanyl in my diamonds
That’s another reason they blue
I don’t even care

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