Key Glock Releases “No Hook 2” Music Video

Date 2023-10-22

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American rapper and songwriter, Key Glock premieres the official music video for the song, “No Hook 2” produced by King Wonka. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song, mp3 download.

Memphis rapper Key Glock is keeping the momentum going with the release of the official music video for his song “No Hook 2.” Key Glock is known for his ruthless and aggressive style, and this track is no exception.

The rapper is riding high this year with his forthcoming album titled “Glocktober” generating excitement among his fans. While he hasn’t announced an official release date for the album, the title suggests it could drop around Halloween, which would be fitting for Key Glock’s style.

Key Glock’s music is known for its bold and confrontational lyrics, and “No Hook 2” is a prime example of this. The video, accompanied by this track, delivers more of what fans love about Key Glock: his brash delivery and no-nonsense attitude.

As the album cover for “Glocktober” indicates, Key Glock is creating a thematic approach to his projects, which fans are embracing with humor and enthusiasm. This approach adds to the anticipation surrounding his upcoming music and cements his place as a notable artist in the rap game.

Key Glock – No Hook 2 (prod. King Wonka)

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13 October 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Paper Route EMPIRE

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(Get the bag, King Wonka)

Yeah, whole ‘lotta everything (Whole ‘lotta everything)
Pinky ring look like a wedding ring (Yeah)
Ridin’ that McLaren Spider, smokin’ on that Mary Jane (Fah)
FN no Fendi belt, I put it on your membrane (Fah, fah, fah, fah, fah, fah)
My lil’ niggas insane (Yeah), them lil’ niggas loco (Crazy)
Glizzlock got ten watches (Ten watches, yeah), you better watch your ho, bro (Watch her)
Bitch, I’m back to ballin’ (Ballin’), but trickin’ is a no-no (No)
Don’t spin with your phone on you (Phew), nigga, that’s a no-go (No)
I got water on water, tryna hold my breath (Yup)
Money talks and it seems to me that these niggas deaf (Yup)
This bitch got a fat ass, I ask Glizzlock for some help (Yup)
The way I beat that pussy up (Ha, ha), I need a championship belt (Yup)
I’m tired of waitin’ on my killers, ’bout to do it myself (Yeah)
And if Glizop Klay, then I guess I’m Steph (Fah, fah)
Ayy, I been swimmin’ through the money all day (Phew, phew), gettin’ reps (Phew, phew)
Yeah, they say that life’s hard, I’m fascinated with death (Uh)
Ayy, I just put this lil’ bad bitch back on the shelf
My left wrist look like glass, never touch crystal meth’ (Uh)
These niggas need to get a badge, niggas twelve as hell (Yup)
They be like, “Glizzlock, how you know?” It ain’t hard to tell (No)
My lil’ nigga tryna slide, Derek Jeter (Derek Jeter, fah)
Pull the trigger (Ha, ha), let it sing, Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber, fah)
My name hot, but I still keep that heater (Fah, fah, yeah-yeah)
I’m ballin’, nigga, sit yo’ ass up in them bleachers (Sit down)
You know my name, bitch, and I keep some lethal (Fah)
Rap just like Jeepers Creepers, totin’ switches like they legal (Grrah)
Getting away them leeches (Fah), made an M just off of features (Yeah)
Skinny-ass nigga, but my pockets fat like Peter (Griffin)

You dig?

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