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Mpmania Mix 39

Key!, MATT OX & Quadie Diesel – Royal Rumble (Audio, Lyrics)

Key!, MATT OX & Quadie Diesel collaborate on a new song, “Royal Rumble”, produced by 14GOLDS. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Key!, Matt Ox & Quadie Diesel Royal Rumble

Key!, Matt Ox & Quadie Diesel Royal Rumble

Atlanta rapper KEY! is one of the most influential hip-hop figures from his community and he’s making sure to close out this year in a big way, following up on his collaborative album with Tony Seltzer, titled The Alpha Jerk, with another new project coming soon. Sharing the second single from Mama’s Man, KEY! connected with Matt Ox and Quadie Diesel for a new record called “Royal Rumble,” produced by 14 Golds.

The quick offering was released on Wednesday (December 8) on all major streaming platforms. All three rappers do their thing on this one and despite the song ending a little abruptly, it has plenty of replay value.

Key!, MATT OX & Quadie Diesel – Royal Rumble (prod. 14GOLDS)


[Intro: KEY!]
Haha, die, haha (Okay)

[Verse 1: KEY!]
Okay, buying drugs my per diem (Per diem)
A nigga I just saw just had died, I still ain’t even see him (I still ain’t even seen him)
It’s a fish fry, niggas wanna act like pussy, that’s how I leave ’em (That’s how I leave ’em)
[?] when you see him (Fuck, okay)
I’m talking ’bout me (I’m talkin’ ’bout), I’m talking ’bout me (I’m talking ’bout KEY!)
That talk is not cheap (Talk is not cheap), he VV’d the teeth (he VV’d the teeth, let’s get it, let’s go)
Okay, he’s overcompensating (Let’s go)
I just wear my mask, I wear my mask just like I’m Haitian (How come?)
Okay (What?), plus I’m instigatin’ (Okay)
I’m buying nickels, that’s my inspiration (Okay)
Ayy, my trap not a trap (Trap, trap)
Ayy, my trap not a trap (Okay)
My trap not a trap, my trap not a trap (For free)

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