King Los – “Back In Blood” (Freestyle) [Audio, Lyrics]

King Los - Back In Blood (Freestyle) (prod. YC)

American rapper, King Los unveils YC-produced freestyle titled “Back In Blood”. Listen, stream, buy read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

King Los Back In Blood (freestyle)
King Los Back In Blood (freestyle)

Lil Durk and Pooh Shiesty’s “Back In Blood” has maintained in steady rotation since its late 2020 release. The single has been one of the biggest street records of the year, propelling Pooh Shiesty’s career while Durk’s hot streak as a feature artist continues. Part of the success behind the single is the amount of remixes it’s produced. Despite being a hard-hitting trap record, some of the fiercest lyricists have been taking the record and demolishing it on their own terms.

King Los has been delivering some incredible freestyles lately, and this week, he serves as the latest rapper to tackle “Back In Blood.” It is, once again, an excellent showcase of his lyrical abilities and undeniable flow.

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King Los – Back In Blood (Freestyle) (prod. YC)


I do this better than niggas
I’m the G to OD to rap, just put that together my nigga (Yeah)
I let him feel these shells from these four arms if he gettin’ defensive (Yeah)
I show the rope to these rappers, no wonder I always Mayweather these niggas
I spot ’em, I’m bringing up bars, like just say that shit with your chest when I’m pressing you nigga
You extra, I’m extraterrestrial nigga
I’m vegan, I’m eager to vegetable niggas
Like they don’t wanna let us turn up, they gon’ get the beats, claim they want all the smoke
You sweet potato niggas wanna squash it, never mastered nothin’ but the art of choke (pop pop)
Ain’t no remedy for this
Drop top ain’t no rental key with this
Shit, I ain’t even rappin’ like I’m that hungry, I just came to spend this cheese and dip (Look, look, look)
Niggas act so hoe, they broke bro code
And no I can’t poke holes in no bro code
My dick worth 100,000,000,000
And that’s essential, ’cause I’m existential
It’s evident a nigga’s presidential
Girl that other rapper got less potential
‘Cause he could never put a legend in you (Look)
These rap niggas ain’t from the trenches, bitch I came up in the mud
Where niggas stab you in yo back then twist the knife and say it’s love
Niggas face off, knock yo face off with a straight face then face the judge
You front that nigga bricks, he set you up, kill you, then take the plug (Yeah)
Protect ya top in these streets
Keep it paper over pussy, keep it mob over [?]
If you plot, we gon’ eat
We get locked, we no speak
If it’s up, I’m gon’ call my shooters, not the police
Learned a lot from these streets, I was hustlin’ baggin’ smoke
Cut the cap, Cory taught me how to cut and cap the dope
Man, the projects believed in me
Marty was like Big Meech to me
[?] had the Beamer, Benz and jeep and that was G to me
Sunny was getting money, man he used to slide the V to me
You gotta see sticks you tryna beef with me
Dre will knock yo forehead to yo knee for me
Or sticks will knock yo whole head to the feet for me
That’s priceless, and they both will do it free for me
If you don’t whip the pot to score, you prolly tryna score some pot
Half baked and couldn’t call Samson you call it shorten crop
Thug pound niggas just as sure as [?] could score the rock
You shit on everything outside when you import the pot
My big cousin bought cars like niggas buy high tops
So rich that nigga called his Maybach a Mybach
I ain’t gotta put no emphasis on how we did it big
Feds finally caught his ass, nicknamed him Mr. Big
Nightmares make my bed shake, I still ain’t get my head straight
Made it out the hood and lost my first deal to a fed case (Yeah)
You never been through them times
I got such a criminal mind in these subliminal lines
Baltimore nigga, never have a minimal grind
That’s why my cars is foreign and my women is fine
I’m on my Wayne Carter shit with this rhyme
You could be 18, a nigga half ya age will still give you the 9 (Okay)
My block is hot, my top just dropped
Shorty wanna li-li lick my lollipop
You know I told her how to love, but how to cop
I’m tryna get a bird man, ain’t got a [?] (Look)
This the dedication, better squad up, show a gangster grill and you get drama
My juveniles is BG’s, I got hot boys and big timers
I’m gettin’ out of pocket, which one of y’all can stop it
I can get the summer lit enough to launch a rocket
Put my niggas on that bitch and we gon’ really get it poppin’
I can take the poverty and I can turn it into profit
I’m a big stepper, bitch nigga, chin checker
Get ya bitch, dick her, and quit it in 10 seconds
Got a pussy nigga vendetta, the trend setter
I’m a PJ, you niggas is [?]
Envious, vindictive, been jealous
Mad ’cause I go-go gadget, flow magic
If I ain’t the Floyd of rap you boys is cap just like his cap with the helicopter propeller (Yeah)
This that flow you niggas love to hate but some how had to love
When you want King Los on a beat, he gon’ send that bitch back in blood
This that flow you niggas love to hate but some how had to love
When you want King Los on a beat, he gon’ send that bitch back in blood (Nigga)

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