King Von – Bless The Booth Freestyle (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2020-12-22

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King Von posthumously unveils the “Bless The Booth Freestyle”. Listen, stream, watch video, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by TGUT.

King Von Bless The Booth Freestyle

King Von Bless The Booth Freestyle

King Von tragically lost his life after a reported altercation with Quando Rondo and his crew in the parking lot of an Atlanta-area hookah lounge, which prompted a shoot-out. The rapper was quickly transported to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Since his death last month, fans of the Chicago rapper have been mourning him, including his close friend Lil Durk who is doing everything he can to memorialize his young 26-year-old protégé. Durkio released his latest single today, titled “Backdoor”, and now a posthumous freestyle from King Von has dropped, courtesy of Audiomack.

The publication and streaming service has just gone live with their Bless The Booth freestyle, which features King Von. The rapper spits menacing bars, letting everyone know what he was all about and preaching his street lifestyle.

King Von – Bless The Booth Freestyle (prod. TGUT)

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And when we find him, we gon’ stretch him (We gon’ stretch him)
Heard he lookin’ for his match, heat a man up (I heat a man up)
Let’s talk bodies, I got several (‘Cause I got several)
They stop me at the airport ’cause I keep that metal (Rrah-rrah)
Grandson (What?), this that good dope, that shit’s stepped on, catch sticks (Stepped on)
I be throwin’ bullets like I’m [?] far
Broke niggas still went [?] on (Huh?), I go crack hard (Yeah, yeah)
Growin’ up bad, I was tryna rob (Huh?), I never crack cards (Nah)
But I play my cards right (My right), never stop that, no lights (Boom-boom)
I was tryna score for White White (What?), we was shootin’ shit on sight (Doom, doom)
Hesitate? Nah, I don’t think twice (Nah), and I show up, no invite (Nah, nah)
He tried to run but it ain’t end right, they call that the Can’tGetRight (Damn, damn)

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