King Von & Lil Durk – Evil Twins (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-03-06

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Watch the lyric video for the new posthumous “Evil Twins” release from American rapper, King Von, featuring Lil Durk, produced by Hagan, LC & TouchofTrent. Listen, read the lyrics, stream, buy, mp3 download.

King Von Evil Twins

King Von Evil Twins

King Von’s first posthumous album was officially released on Friday (March 4) with features from Lil Durk, Fivio Foreign, MoneyBagg Yo, G Herbo, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, and more. Following the Chicago-born rapper’s tragic death a couple of years ago, his team has been trickling out new music, respecting the O-Block narrator’s legacy and keeping things consistent with his brand. Since his death, more eyes have been on Von’s music and subsequently, his voice has been immortalized through viral sounds on platforms like TikTok. Despite not being released officially before today, “Evil Twins” with Lil Durk had been a frequently-used audio file on the social media service, which music fans used to soundtrack videos of them and their best friends. Finally, the track is out as part of Von’s posthumous album, What It Means To Be King.

“Evil Twin” is track from Chicago rappers King Von and Lil Durk. The song was first previewed on March 3rd, 2021 and would be previewed by Lil Durk on Instagram Live as well.

It was later announced that the song would release on King Von’s 1st Posthumous album, “What it means to be a king”, on March 4th, 2022.

The song leaked in it’s entirety, along with the rest of the album just a few hours before it’s release.

King Von – Evil Twins (ft. Lil Durk) (prod. Hagan, LC & TouchofTrent)

Lyric Video


(TouchofTrent be wildin’ with it)

[Verse 1: Lil Durk & King Von]
You want back then? (Let’s get it)
Ayy, Von, tell bro go spin that Benz
All them niggas was scared to shoot our vids, we had guns in they lens (Yeah)
He think he turnt, but we the reason why he keep guns in his pants (Yeah, yeah)
You can’t talk ’bout Von around me wherever I go ’cause that’s my twin, nigga (Yeah, yeah, Von)

[Verse 2: King Von]
See, shit got real (Shit got real)
And I got locked up in that jam, but I ain’t tell (Nah, I ain’t tell)
And my homie think I killed his cousin (What?), well, oh, well (Well, nigga, oh, well)
Zoo just beat his body like I beat mine (What?), ain’t no L’s (Huh?)
Signed a deal for a couple mil’, lil’ nigga, I still drill (Boom, boom)

[Verse 3: Lil Durk & King Von]
We on the same shit (Yeah)
Fucked the same bitch (Let’s get it)
On the same block (Yeah)
Held the same switches (Yeah)
Gang, I know I ain’t trippin’ (Uh-uh)
They think they caught us slippin’ (Uh-huh)
Hang out that window
Dun, dun, dun, dun soon as the lane switch (Let’s get it)

[Verse 4: King Von & Lil Durk]
You know my aim different (Uh-huh)
Three bodies, same pistol (Boom, boom)
Don’t play, we change niggas (Yeah, yeah)
This me, I’m the same nigga (Huh? What?)
Don’t let this fame trick you (Boom, huh?)
Don’t let this flame hit you (Boom, boom)
Don’t let that name get you in the hospital off some pain killers (Huh? What? Man, what?)

[Verse 5: Lil Durk & King Von]
But you mean embalming fluid (‘Balming)
If you into it, I’m into it (If you into it, I’m into it)
If you do it, I’ma do it (If you do it, I’ma do it)
Go hop out the car and do it (Go hop out the car and do it)
Damn, that’s evil, twin (That’s evil)
That mean we evil then (We evil, uh-huh)
Evil twin, evil twin (Uh-huh)
Got ’em back equal then, let’s get it (Boom, boom)

[Verse 6: King Von & Lil Durk]
You ain’t got no bodies (Nah)
Lil’ nigga, you a bitch, you a ho, you ain’t shoot nobody
Tryna count my bodies? (What?)
You gon’ need three, four hands tryna count my bodies
Do hits out a Audi (Huh?)
Sneak up on him (Boom), two shots to his head (Boom, boom), then we outie

[Outro: Lil Durk & King Von]
The killers and robbers vouching (Gang, huh? What?)
The killers and robbers vouching (Gang, huh? What?)
The killers and robbers vouching (Huh? What?)
The killers and robbers vouching (Man, what?)
The killers and robbers vouching
The killers and robbers vouching

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