Kodak Black – “Don’t Leave Me” [Audio, Lyrics, Video]

Kodak Black - Don't Leave Me (prod. Brianxwhite, Jason Silber & E-Flat)

Rapper, premieres the visual for the track, “Don’t Leave Me” produced by , & . Watch the video, listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Kodak Black Don't Leave Me
Kodak Black Don’t Leave Me

Ever since coming home from prison, Kodak Black has been looking to reinvent himself artistically. Fans are always anticipating new Kodak tracks and with his latest project Haitian Boy Kodak, he gave his supporters eight new songs to listen to. The last song on the album is called “Don’t Leave Me” and one could make the argument that this is the most emotional track on the entire project. Throughout the song, he raps about his love life and his current partner who he wants to give the world to. This kind of emotional honesty is refreshing to hear from Kodak and it has now translated into a cute music video, which can be seen above.

As you can see, the music video is filled with lovely montages of Kodak going on nice dates with his girl. From a dinner in the park to an evening at Top Golf, Kodak seems to be living the life alongside his queen. The instrumental is filled with piano lines and lyrically, Kodak seems to be in love, although he knows things can go awry at any moment. Regardless, this is a new side of Kodak and it’s one that will surely be appreciated by those who want to see him grow as both an artist and as a person.

Kodak Black – Don’t Leave Me (prod. Brianxwhite, Jason Silber & E-Flat)

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Syko Bob, Kutthroat Bill, WizDaWizard
Wam Bam SpinThaBin

You get my undivided attention when I be in town
You know you count on me, like basketball I’ma be around
I’m on the block, gotta get my chips up, I’ll see you late
And you know once I get my chips up, I’ll Frito Lay
I’ll spend a million and a half so I can free lil’ Cool
Bae, let me fuck you in your ass before I let you loose
With connects to all the baddest bitches, I don’t spend a dime
I know they with me for my riches, they ain’t genuine
If it ain’t got nothing to do with my snipers, I’m not involved
You think I got a deal with Chrysler how I stay outta Dodge
I’m snorting these orange strip suboxone’s got me nodding off
I might could be a plastic surgeon how I body y’all
I’m having visions that you really don’t wanna see me win
I’m swerving driving this off the lot ’cause I do CPN
Last time I seen my ex Makiyah was at the KFC
Say she be keeping up with my life, I be on TMZ
I’m with the killers slanging knives, I’m out the roughest penn
I hate when people do something for me then try to rub it in
Remember I was smoking twack joints with the PCP
Back then when I was catching city bus to the BCC
This for the deepest feeling lover that I’m able to express myself
I ain’t right without my girl
Am I wrong for always tryna help you before I help myself?
I give my life to find your love
You call me Alexander, baby, ’cause you my queen
I princess cut your diamonds, baby, ’cause I’m a king
Nobody say they had me like you got me, girl
Can’t nobody say they had me like you got me
My cards out on the table, ain’t no tricks up my sleeve
I promise to be faithful, keep my dick in my jeans
Nobody say they had me like you got me, girl
Can’t nobody say they had me like you got me
I gave you all my love, now there ain’t nothing left for me
If I can have a wish, it’s that you never would leave me, baby
Don’t leave me, baby, don’t leave me, baby, don’t leave me, baby

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