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Larry June – Lifetime Income (Audio, Lyrics)

Larry June is here with “Lifetime Income”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Jake One.

Larry June Lifetime Income

Larry June Lifetime Income

Larry June has been putting in work for some time now, to the point where his fans have come to expect a quality release with every drop. And with another new album officially having landed in Numbers, it’s time to highlight one of the project’s early standout cuts, the second track “Lifetime Income.” Produced by June himself — who actually laced Numbers in its entirety — the track immediately strikes a triumphant tone thanks to a dynamic horn arrangement.

“I hear these n***as talking on the net, I just left the bank,” he spits. “I’m bout to cop the crib with the built-in fish tank / eating on this empanada the bitch with me from Grenada / this some real healthy n***a shit, I might save the nation.” Despite what the instrumental might conjure, Larry June seems content to move at his own methodical pace, seeming perpetually unfazed by his surroundings. What does seem to excite him, however, is the prospect of securing the bag. Wholly concerned with “big bread,” as he maintains in the second verse, it’s clear that Larry June is operating in another tax bracket these days.

Larry June – Lifetime Income (prod. Jake One)


[Verse 1]
I hear these niggas talkin’ on the ‘net, I just left the bank
I’m ‘bout to cop the crib with the built-in fish tank
Eatin’ on this empanada, the bitch with me from Grenada
This on some real healthy nigga shit, I might save the nation
Three solid ropes on, money was the conversation
Wipin’ down the bullets for my .9, I know niggas hatin’
Stop killin’ niggas over hoes, man, that shit maney
Stay up on your grind, my nigga, go and get some paper
Driver picked me up, I said peace to the bell man
This not my girlfriend, we just eatin’ crab legs
You can come and get the chick back, I got too many of ‘em
Barely get to drive, my nigga, but I got plenty of ‘em
See me in the view, then I’m probably out with Paypa Boy
See me in the Point, I’m to the neck and never paranoid
Man, these niggas suckers for these hoes, I got no remorse
I’m out wine tastin’ with the bitch, lookin’ at a Porsche
I’m lookin’ at that GT2, not the 3
Everything I do is topnotch, I’ma need that fee
If I wasn’t tatted, then I’ll probably look like Lionel Richie
The only person I depend on, nigga, me
The only person I depend on, nigga, me

[Verse 2]
(Look, numbers, nigga)
I’m done playin’ with you lil niggas, I’m talkin’ big bread
Every time you look at my neck, nigga, that’s brick-fed
Baby get around, but it’s nowhere that I’ve never been
Everything I say, she go do, it is what it is
Stop pillow-talkin’ to these hoes, man, you lookin’ simp
I bet she got my name in her phone under “that’s him”
Say she got her heart broke, and she need some time to chill
I told baby I don’t wanna hit, you need time to heal
Whippin’ up a smoothie, countin’ hundreds, watchin’ Shark Tank
I think she really only fuck with me ‘cause I got big bank
But I am not a trick, I might buy you food, give you dick
Put you on game, every now and then, take a trip
Alkaline water, took a sip and went and washed the whip
Compact whop on my hip incase a nigga trip

What’s hannin’, nigga? Numbers, nigga
TFM, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
And I’ma always talk this shit, bitch, you know I’m sayin’?
I don’t even get my mofuckin’ fingernails dirty, bitch
You know I’m sayin?
Look at these, nigga, numbers, you know I’m sayin’?
Good job, Larry, sock it to me
And everything I do organic, bitch, quit- quit playin’ with me
Hahaha, man, lookin’ good, sweetheart, numbers
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

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