Lazza – OUV3RTURE (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-03-12

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Lazza Ouv3rture

Lazza Ouv3rture

“OUV3RTURE” is the third part of the “Ouverture” trilogy, which began with the 2017 album Zzala.

Once again Lazza plays one of Frédéric Chopin’s melodies during the first verse, in this case, it is the ” Nocturne in F minor (Op. 55, No. 1) “, and then moves on to a practical instrumental in the second part of the piece.

Lazza – OUV3RTURE (prod. Low Kidd)

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[Part 1]

[Verse 1]
I come from the myth of “The fuck are you looking at?”
Between ‘, who got the bunch late
Tell St. Peter that I closed the games I
pass tomorrow and I give them the keys
I hate that they only ask for good wishes
If for a record how much I try
Twenty-four hours we all have them
Only that I have exploited them better
I would just steal her heart
To tear it apart, yes, when I want
I never write love songs, I will only write hate songs
I just want to make noise, here they give the numbers, polynomial
Laugh while this world dies and say: “Goodnight, sweet dreams”
I’m a fight in the off-air, I watched
Today I don’t even play, it was already too easy when I was out
of shape Here you do good and people forget, however, if you do wrong, they remember
If I hadn’t turned around, I found my sixth sense, yes, of guilt
I smile at ‘ste Serpi, also to you who praise me that you talk badly behind me
I understood the trend and I started running before walking
I assure you, I am the same as when there was no champagne and caviar
You really thought a Michelin star was enough to to get hungry?
Everything comes back, but nothing comes back, I think it’s just a stupid saying
You know December 21st? For me, the world is long over.
If you had a chance, I’d tell you to run now
That maybe one day they all get up, as if you score goals in recovery
You are interested, I don’t even feel, between ‘, I already know that you are pretending
In my pockets I have a rainbow and I always have something on me that is in tint
Today they know who I am on the street, from pussy to fool to madame
Do you remember how it started? “I’m Zzala, son of a bitch”

[Part 2]

Snakes in the back, they change course
What’s the problem? I see you in para
¿Qué lo que, mami? Call me Zzala
Money on money, it’s a mountain

[Verse 2]
I turn off the iPhone, I throw the SIM
When they dry me worse than a hairdryer, Simsalabim
I disappear as soon as they give me the balance at the next club
It could have been worse, think if it were you
Two million followers, two million cocks
I bet they are incapable, even with the best indications
I have not studied neither languages ​​nor fashion, I had my head already elsewhere
From how I dress I look polyglot: Italian fashion, French, Japan
Don’t blast if you wanted beef, look for more valid excuses
We jump to you unanimously, this one has two boobs that look like three like an anime
If you make the money, they are worth half as much as they were from the old coin
I risk the madhouse to make them, I do a thousand tricks like Tony Hawk

Snakes in the back , they change way
What is the problem? I see you in para
¿Qué lo que, mami? Call me Zzala
Money on money, it’s a mountain
Snakes in the back, they change road
What’s the problem? I see you in para
¿Qué lo que, mami? Call me Zzala
Money on money, it’s a mountain

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