Le$ – Chrome Lips (ft. Freddie Gibbs) (Audio)

Le$ - Chrome Lips (ft. Freddie Gibbs) (prod. Tavaras Jordan)

calls on for the new “” track produced by . Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download.

Le$ Chrome Lips
Le$ Chrome Lips

LE$ calls on Freddie Gibbs for a highlight off of the project titled, “Chrome Lips.” Laced with smooth, candy-painted production, LE$ reflects on leveling up his hustle regularly. His slow, laid-back flow reflects on making his way on up from the streets to rap.

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Gibbs jumps on the track with a soulful, melodious flow that he’s exhibited briefly in the past. However, he expands beyond that with rapid-fire flows before diving back into the melodies. At one point, Gibbs is in his R&B bag as he continues to troll Dr. Umar Johnson who he previously challenged to a boxing match. “Dr. Umar can’t take a punch, he takin’ donations,” Gibbs sings on the record.

Le$ – Chrome Lips (ft. Freddie Gibbs) (prod. Tavaras Jordan)

Quotable Lyrics
It’d fly by night
We smoke pounds of the ZaZaZa
Peace to the n***as that rep this KTR, this shit is ride or die
Called his ass a doctor, I clocked him, now he a whole patient
Used to have the crack for the free, I just took donations

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