Lil Durk – Pissed Me Off (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Lil Durk - Pissed Me Off (prod. matthewfm)

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Lil Durk Pissed Me Off
Lil Durk Pissed Me Off

Someone has upset Lil Durk and he’s placing all of his ire on wax. The Chicago icon has been keeping himself at the forefront of the Rap industry with each new release, often collaborating with his fellow hitmakers in the hopes of creating iconic projects. We received Voice of the Heroes, a joint album between Durkio and Lil Baby, and as fans continue to stream their favorites from that project, Durk has returned with “Pissed Me Off.”

This latest single arrived on Friday (October 15) and features Durk flying solo as he beasts his way through the track. On the â€‹matthewfm-produced single, Lil Durk opens with a tribute to his late brother, D-Thang, and within a few bars, he mentions the recent home invasion that reportedly had both him and his girlfriend India Royale exchanging gunfire with the suspects.

Lil Durk – Pissed Me Off (prod. matthewfm)

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(Hey, Matthew did you make this?)
Long live DThang, nigga
They gave you back a bow, bro, you hear me?
Man, what?

You ain’t get back for your mans, you in the club like he ain’t dead (Let’s get it)
Nike ski mask for the Covid, the only time you niggas wear it (Yeah)
Niggas ran inside my crib, but the Glock 10 was by the bed
I’ll give my gun to India before I put it in your hand (Man, what?)
I lost bro, I can’t be happy ’til we creep up on the score
I know niggas act like they with it, but they bitches on the low
Why you niggas postin’ son-son? Why you niggas postin’ True?
Why you act like you support us? If you do, hop in that coupe
Grab a gun if you ain’t with it, put up money for a gun (Let’s get it)
Put up money for a hot car, put up money for a bond (Damn)
I don’t see you on the regular, but I see you screamin’, “Von” (Von, Von)
Uh, uh, but I see you screamin’ “Von” (Von, Von)
Boy, no cap, I got killers that I love, and they don’t rap (Let’s get it)
Boy, no cap (No cap), I got rappers that I love, and they gon’ splat (Gon’ splat)
If I die, just don’t lie
Man, you niggas better slide (You niggas better slide)
If you can’t get the main nigga, then you better get his guy (Grrrah)
I pop pills until I pass out, I’m ’bout to crash out (I’m ’bout to crash out)
Mention bronem on your live, now he can’t laugh now (He can’t laugh now)
And my favorite gun the switch, you know that shit a kind now (Brr, brr)
I don’t care ’bout who you with, lil’ nigga, nobody can time out (Time out)
Foenem slide the next day, this shit cannot die down
Bronem from a different state, act like they from the ‘Raq now (Haha)
Oh, he got switches, oh, he got bitches? (He got bitches)
You know that shit be for the ‘Gram, I keep my distance (I keep my, man, what? Hahaha)

[Instrumental Outro]

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