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Mpmania Mix 39

Lil Kim – I Am Kimmy Blanco (Audio, Lyrics)

Throwback to Lil Kim’s “I Am Kimmy Blanco” single. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song.

Lil Kim I Am Kimmy Blanco

Lil Kim I Am Kimmy Blanco

Lil Kim – I Am Kimmy Blanco


[Verse 1]
It’s Kimmie Blanco, female Keyser Söze
Take over the game, Hercules conquer
That bitch know how I get down, they already prompt her
So while you leave the screen, beam aiming, here’s your encore
We strapped in them V12s, no seat belts
So much money that the bills pay themselves
So much honey, killer bees in the shelves
Extra gunpowder, cocaine in the shells
Yea, y’all bitches kinda hot, meet hell
Scarface, in them Loub red heels
I swear I got them bitches running like a treadmill
Fictitious little bitches, but I make you dead real
And at the end, you won’t even have a friend to get
Made bitch, I got the keys from the syndicate
So fuck it if it ain’t old, I like my money vintage
Walls got so much plaques I gotta call a dentist

[Hook] x2
I am Kimmie Blanco, Blanco
The motherfucking head honcho, honcho
So you better have your poncho, poncho
About to rain on you pronto, pronto

[Verse 2]
It’s Kimmie Blanco, get to know the name
I go off on tracks like derailed trains
I don’t do the airports when I board my planes
You hustle all wrong, you only chase the fame
Plant a few seeds, that’s how I catch you birdbrains
La jarena of the game, like I’m from Medellin
I put hits out, long kiss goodnight ya
You’re all welcome to the problems, we invite ya
Let’s get it jumping, like a motherfucking tip-off
I come through and let a clip off
They like “Oh, I think she pissed off”
Nah, it ain’t nothing to a fucking boss
One head now you getting dust off
I be out in Morocco sipping Moscato
While niggas popping ya top, we popping the bottle
Bitch your time is up, word to Mavado
Now you know not to fuck with the Kimmie Blanco motherfucker

[Hook] x2

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