Lil Migo – Rumors 3 (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2021-10-20

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Lil Migo unveils a new piece of music, titled “Rumors 3”. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Lil Migo Rumors 3

Lil Migo Rumors 3

Back in March, we shared Lil Migo’s latest project, KING OF THE TRAP. Months later, the Memphis rapper has returned with a new single, titled “Rumors 3.”

In the past, Migo has collaborated with the likes of Rich The Kid, Yo Gotti, Jacquees, and Moneybagg Yo, just to name a few, but on his latest track he chose to roll solo, with AceC, Einer Bankz, and Hozay on production.

“Toast up, n*gga got a bottle in the air, I finally can say a n*gga done made it,” the rapper boasts in the song’s first verse before dropping bars about having “gold on my neck like the treasury” and “buying expensive things.”

The track comes in at just over two minutes but has a strong, consistent flow from the start that pairs perfectly with the beat’s braggadocious vibe.

“F*ck who ain’t supporting. I’m stepping on u n*ggas necks that’s why y’all don’t [want] me winning. I MAKE IT LOOK EASY, I’M BALLING FOR SEASONS P*ssy #TOASTUP,” the “ROCKSTAR” artist told his Instagram followers over the weekend.

Lil Migo – Rumors 3



Toast up, nigga got a bottle in the air, I finally can say a nigga done made it
Toast up, nigga got more money than ever, I can tell most of these niggas hated
Hold up nigga, put my dogs on a level, we all gone ball out like the Pacers
Switching out cars, yeah, the latest
Walk a different light moving on different pavement
Ayy, fifty shots in the car, when I move, gotta move like I’m the president
Ayy, I don’t need practice, I ball like I’m AI, I know I’m the best in it
She want to fuck ’cause I’m havin’ this gold on my neck like the treasury
Ran up this money, I can’t let a bitch come and try to get the best of me
Come try to take me lil’ nigga, you tryna come snake me lil’ nigga
I got a K with me nigga, I feel like I’m Adolf lil’ nigga
Ayy, reason I run with them killers, I point and they aiming them missiles
They on your head for a nickel, I guarantee bet they won’t miss you
Remember all them times I was done bad, couldn’t call nobody young nigga fucked up
How a young nigga had lucked up
Cash or deposit now a young nigga stuck up
Balling real hard like the Ruckers
Running from the law can’t let a nigga cuff us
Supercharged motor got me fucked up gripping on this wheel why I’m sticking to this muscle, nigga let’s go
Losing my nigga like losing me
Love that we had, none come between
We had a vision and we had a dream, to carry this money and share with the team
Balling a habit buying expensive things, jump on a flight, going overseas
Rock out a show and watch the crowd sing, lil’ nigga, let’s go
I give it back I give it all up
I’m asking God can I call up
Thinking about times it was all us
Thumbing through money got my fingers sweatin’
I became a man when I lost my daddy
I use to stash the money in the attic
Now I go stash the money in a Patek, nigga (Ice)


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