Lil Reese – They Don’t F*ck With You (ft. Kevin Gates) (Audio)

Date 2020-08-21

Category Foreign Music, New Music

Lil Reese is back with “They Don’t F*ck With You” featuring Kevin Gates. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download the song.

Lil Reese They Don't Fck With You

Lil Reese They Don’t Fck With You

Lil Reese has been moving at his own pace over the past few months, understandably. Though he’s released a few tracks over the past few months, his output hasn’t been as frequent as it was in prior years. He was shot in the throat in late 2019 and was in recovery for the months that followed. Unloading a few tracks in the vault, he returned this week with a brand new collaboration with Kevin Gates, “They Don’t F*ck With You.” The collaborative effort sounds closer to a Gates record rather than a Reese joint. Gates come out swinging as he lists off his street and rap credentials while Reese holds down hook duties and ties it all together.

Lil Reese – They Don’t F*ck With You (ft. Kevin Gates)

Quotable Lyrics
I walk around, rock a lot of ice
All by myself, me against the world
Grab me a bitch, put her in a Burgs
Tryna get rich dealin’ on the curb
These n***as really be counterfeit
They ride your dick then switch like a wave runner
It’s all fun and games ’til the case comin’
Inner-city, got the H flooded

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