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Lloyd Banks – Gangsta (ft. Ludacris) (Audio, Lyrics)

Throwback to Lloyd Banks’ “Gangsta” featuring Ludacris. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song.

Lloyd Banks Gangsta

Lloyd Banks Gangsta

To all those who saw this pairing and immediately rushed to the page in search of a new collaboration, apologies are in order. It’s simply Throwback Thursday — though in all honesty, we’ve been doing our best to spotlight classic hip-hop tunes no matter the occasion. For this particular installment, it feels appropriate to highlight a rare duet between two site favorites, a pair of lyricists who remain celebrated as some of the best to ever do it.

Released back when 2 Chainz was signed to DTP and still went by Tity Boi, “Gangsta” marks the first collaboration between Ludacris and Lloyd Banks, on some bar-heavy mixtape energy to boot. Over some grimy production uncharacteristic of his preferred sound, Luda sets it off with a slew of different flows, his presence alive with character. On the contrary, Banks is as cool and calculated as they come, though he does imbue his New York demeanor with a bit of Southern hospitality. A track that has likely flown largely under the radar given its mixtape roots, “Gangsta” deserves a revisit, as it’s always great to hear two lyrical elites on the same track. Do you remember this one?

Lloyd Banks – Gangsta (ft. Ludacris)


Run that s***
Who said something bout some gangstas? (ahh)
Who said something bout some gangstas?
Whoo Kidd said something bout some gangstas
Ludacris is Disturbin Tha Peace
I-20 goddamn it said something bout some gangstas
Titti Boi with some mutha f***in gangstas

Ludacris is like this check it, yo
I’m not your average every day type of n****
I’m anti-shy I satisfy like a Snicker
Kick you in the right spot hit you with my best shot
Six o’clock meet me by the docks on the set spot
Ask me no questions I’ll tell you no lies
Cause your nose is so big it fits holes twice your size
I rise to the occasion my grace is amazing
I’ll f*** with ya mind just like an Algebra equation
I’m Mafioso so don’t go nowhere
Cause I know that you gone loco so Coco beware
No pain relief when I’m eatin beef without the jerky
Hang tough like tits and I got most of the turkey
Hurt me hurt me then leave me alone
When I’m upset I’m breakin s*** like turbo and Ozone
I’m gonna snap and slap a n**** in a hurry
It’s Cris gettin pissed while y’all b****es getting blurry
Ludacris and we talkin’ bout some gangstas

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