Lonr. – “Red Light”

Lonr. - Red Light

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Lonr. Red Light
Lonr. Red Light

Los Angeles’ own Lonr. has come through with his new single “RED LIGHT,” immediately capturing a distinct tone from the opening moments. Fueled by a synthesizer that all but begs for a pulsating drumbeat to back it, Lonr. kicks things off with an autotuned “yeah” before unleashing a melody that grounds it firmly in melodic emo-rap territory.

For those who can appreciate the subgenre, Lonr’s latest single may prove an interesting vibe — though it’s ultimately over before it can really pick up steam. While short songs have become an undeniable part of today’s musical climate, they have the unfortunate side effect of masking an artist’s songwriting potential. It would have been interesting to see Lonr. take this one further, as there are certainly enough interesting melodies throughout — what do you think about “RED LIGHT?”

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Lonr. – Red Light

Quotable Lyrics

It’s kill or be killed and she just want to eat
Little bitch get up out my way
I can’t sit still, bout to blow, trip landmine


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