Lucki – Alicia Keys (Audio, Lyrics)

Lucki - Alicia Keys (prod. DJ Eway)

Lucki is here with an “Alicia Keys” titled single. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by DJ Eway.

Lucki Alicia Keys
Lucki Alicia Keys

Lucki has the kind of fervent cult fan base that every artist dreams of.

Whether it’s because of his impeccable beat selection or improvisational style, he makes the music sound and feel easy even when it’s clearly not.

The drawback of having such a ride or die fan base, however, is their fervid thirst for leaks. Just ask Lil Uzi Vert or Playboi Carti.

Lucki is definitely not immune to this and opted instead to officially release the heavily bootlegged “Alicia Keys” himself.

The song was left on the cutting room floor during the making of his opus Freewave 3 and squarely places us back in that dark state of mind the Chicago rapper was exploring around that time.

Over a bleak beat from DJ Eway that sounds like it’s going backwards against Lucki’s aloof flow, he captures addiction in one of its individual moments.

It’s depressing but it’s also lit in the way that only Lucki can pull off.

Lucki – Alicia Keys (prod. DJ Eway)


Okay, she gon’ do that shit for free, for me
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
She gon’ do that shit for free
Ay, Hoe won’t miss tha beat
Look, ay
She gon’ do that shit for free, for me
Hoe won’t miss a beat

She gon’ do that shit for free, for me
Hoe won’t miss the beat
I just turn’t a city girl into Alicia Keys
I make a saditty hoe act like she from the streets
I forgot in the fitting room I left a cup of lean
Shit ain’t cheap, but sheesh
I won’t get no sleep
Wonder if you think about me when you in my dreams
The Challenger a challenge, I keep burnin’ up the streets
My heart really damaged, my new hoe in for a treat
It’s just me, capeesh
Tell me what it mean
Nigga movin’ funny we gon’ Basquiat his tee
Pops ain’t raise a dummy but for sure he raised a fiend
I just turned a peach soda blacker than my jeans
Not a creep, but sheesh
I can’t let you be
What happened to everybody canceled over me
Withdrawal and I miss my bitch and I can’t find no lean
My shorty had a script he just came back with some green
It’s just me, but sheesh
I just miss my thing
I just miss authority, I’m sick of living free
Her heart she just pourin’ and I still ask what she mean
Tell me when it’s over I just need to fuckin’ breathe
Is it me

Ay, I can’t find no-

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