Voices Banor – They Will Catch You (Hushpuppi) (Lyrics)

Voices Banor - They Will Catch You (Hushpuppi) (prod. Arthur)

Read the lyrics to “They Will Catch You (Hushpuppi)” by the fast-rising act, Voices Banor. The song was produced by Arthur.

They Will Catch You (artwork)
They Will Catch You (artwork)

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Okay so you mean you can scam
You can hack
You can press laptop
You can 419
Okay! They have start catching you, I hope you have heard
They will catch you in Jesus name

-Won Ti Mu Hushpuppy
-Gucci Gucci
-Biggie Yahoo boy Don turn small puppy
-Won ti mu oga you
– You’re still pressing
-I won’t talk
-Am watching
-Walai they will catch you
(I swear)

They will catch you

You can’t go
Stop there
Holy ghost arrest you go no where
Human being wey no get conscience
Today is the end to all your nonsense
Shey wan binu they don dey vex
Dey say I talk dey wan press my neck
See me see them for the comment
Eh ma wo today is the end
Take for instance
Na your sister pant them use buy Benz
Na your mama head them use climb fence
How you feel Broz there is God ooo
Back to the head boy Hushpuppy
I hear say they carry you go clubbing
I hope Say them put you for VIP
Big man you no need IV

They will catch you


Oga politician
You’re still our money ehnnn
They will catch you walahi olun they will catch you


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