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Mpmania Mix 39

M Huncho – Overpriced Freestyle (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

M Huncho is here with “Overpriced Freestyle”. Listen, stream, watch the video, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Quincy Tellem.

M Huncho Overpriced Freestyle

M Huncho Overpriced Freestyle

M Huncho has remained a mysterious figure in the UK rap scene over the past few years. Despite the success, he still remains low-key until it’s time to drop some new music. After such a massive run in 2020 that included the release of his album, Huncholini The 1st and DNA with Nafe Smallz, he’s entering 2021 on a high note with the release of his latest offering, “Overpriced Freestyle. The rapper’s new single hones into the syrupy and woozy melodies bolstered by his auto-tuned flows. It’s a short record that runs for a little over two minutes and arrived with an accompanying visual that finds the masked MC flexing in his luxe mansion.

M Huncho – Overpriced Freestyle (prod. Quincy Tellem)


Quincy, tell em

Late night
Standing at the drapes
Checking who’s outside
Something in the place (Oh)
Fell till I climbed
Learnt from my mistakes
Didn’t do it twice (Oh)
Some are too concerned
Probably my worth
Huncho’s overpriced (Oh, oh, oh)

Keep a distance, I don’t force it
Millis get you on the Forbes list
Got my people by si-i-ide
So we shine like we flawless (Uh)
I can never be a tourist
Washed up olders, man I just ignore them
And I got 7 figures, tell me who’s important? (Tell me who’s important?)
Now tell me who’s important? (Tell me who’s important?)

Opinions from people
That look like they still have their bikes in their rooms
They’re bums
I cannot give them no room, enough
It ain’t easy what I do
I never claimed me a set
I still get rid of the food
Hydraulic presses turn one into two, two, two, two, two, two
Faith in my God and the trust in my brothers
They hate when I’m really just not in my mood
So when I’m let down and feeling upset
They wanna go do, do, do, do, do, do
I do not cap in my rap, issa fact
But the question is brothers
Do you, you, you?
I’m driving something exotic
I don’t really check for none of these pricks in my view
I’m tunnel vision
A man on the mission
I’m still in the kitchen, I am (Uh)

They give flowers to people, who don’t even own a vase
And I know they sat down on tables and had debates
I’m good
I’m alright
I’m built this way
I’m an ape
I’m straight
Buy a house by the lake
They still live at their mums
On a council estate
And I’m wise when I make my decisions
‘Cause getting caught is all long, so is prison
Gotta think about all the past and the present
Separate the days
Now I’m grown
I ain’t kidding

Everything’s got a price
Everybody’s got a fear
Everybody’s gonna die
I’m just waiting for the day
I won’t care about the price
I won’t

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