Marracash – PAGLIACCIO (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2021-11-24

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Italian rapper, Marracash unveils the song, “PAGLIACCIO” song produced by Marz & Zef. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Marracash Pagliaccio

Marracash Pagliaccio

Marracash – PAGLIACCIO (prod. Marz & Zef)


[Text of “CLOWN”]

Laugh Pagliaccio, on your broken love
Laugh at the duol

[Verse 1]
Street (Street), everyone’s talking about it (Mhm)
Why don’t you throw yourself? It’s an easy hit (Dai)
But you abused as the type of (Ah)
Put your face in other films such as deepfake (Fake)
is not a threat, if I raise my iPhone, I already know who you are ( Clown )
If I talk about certain topics, I really treat them with gloves (With gloves)
Since I have a past, I don’t want to find the past in front of me
You look great (Great) from the rearview mirror (Ahah)
But it’s all shameless plagiarism (Pff)
Laugh, clown, without the tenor (Pagliaccio )
What you saw is Scarface (Scarface), but you are Scarcella (Pff)
The road exists, like Kate Winslet, if you leave it, it cancels you
If you use it, she looks for you, then she presents you the fee (The bill)
Since everyone says bullshit, then they don’t shit on each other ( Pagliaccio , true)
No, he doesn’t go out of his character because he is ashamed of who he is (Fake)
Take this deception to the end, otherwisehe’ll sink you (Uh)
You I don’t recommend being a nabob after you
hittwo numbers (No, bro)So no, don’t get in Lambo, keep them for security (Ahah)

Haha, even in rap there is a limit to the bullshit you can say
I wouldn’t be afraid of you even if you were really armed
you want to go to war with me? Make war with the strongest Ahahahahah

[Verse 2]
Buy the clothes, choose the poses ( Clown )
The face tattoos like greasepaint ( Clown )
The red nose from the cold ( Clown )
Give me two jumps and two somersaults ( Clown )
Bro, you are a fraud (You are a fraud), brother fool like Fredo
Only half a man like Frodo
Look I know everyone you take pictures with (Take pictures)
And we laugh together the next day
They want your money, but it doesn’t mean they respect you
They don’t mirror each other, they just pull the cart, bro (Yeah)
Don’t do the bellicose that I riot
Half an hour in the barracks doesn’t make you Silvio Pellico (But who the fuck is Silvio Pellico?)
I really did it, you’re just dreaming about it (Wake up)
To those like you, bro, we sold him the courage ( Envelope)
I know, you want to know who I’m talking about (Who?)
There is plenty of choice, but more than anything else there is embarrassment (Ahah, Pagliaccio )
The ugliest I’ve ever met told me: ” Dear (You say)
Never lie to yourself or to the lawyer “(That)
I come home, mom only talks to me about accounts (Damn)
My brother only about those who arrested (Uh)
The only crime you did is steal my flow (Flow)
Now that the level is lower than your ceiling
If you they all lock up in one room to do the maranza
Bro, there is enough to do the new season of LOL (Ahahah, Clown )

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