Master P – Look At All These Haters (Audio)

Master P - Look At All These Haters (prod.

American rapper, record executive and actor, Master P unveils a piece of new music, “Look At All These Haters”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download.

Master P Look At All These Haters
Master P Look At All These Haters

Master P remains one of the most successful moguls in hip-hop with No Limit setting an unprecedented run in the rap game. Though P has shifted his focus towards other aspects of entertainment and business, he’s back with a brand new track titled, “Look At All These Haters.” The rapper turns up on his naysayers with a long list of his successes, urging people to stop with all the hating.

“I’ve been blessed to be able to create an empire through music but with product I’ve created generational wealth. My message to my fans and the next generation and even to the misguided, don’t be afraid to grow up and change for the better,” P said in a statement. “With Integrity and hard work no dream is impossible. Negativity and hate will get you nowhere. Life is too short. Material things are temporary. Success isn’t measured by what you have, it’s what you do with what you have that matters and makes a difference.”

The song is a modernized take of P’s “Stop Hatin” from his 1997 album Ghetto D with Donald XL Robertson producing the revamped 2022 remix. “Look At All These Haters” also arrives shortly after some disparaging remarks Wack 100 made about Master P.

Master P – Look At All These Haters

Quotable Lyrics
His friend took a life for the mighty dollar
Then ran through the alley, must’ve been a coward
No more get them up, like in the old days
Homies squabble MAC-10s and AKs

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