Meek Mill – Make ‘Em Say (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2020-06-19

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Throwback to song by Meek Mill titled “Make ‘Em Say. The song was produced by Jahlil Beats. Listen, stream, mp3 download, watch the video and read the lyrics.

Meek Mill Make 'em Say

Meek Mill Make ’em Say

Meek Mill – Make ‘Em Say (prod. Jahlil Beats)

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Showtime (flamers)
If you sippin’ on somthin put it down right now
Get Money
We bout to get it poppin, this song

[Verse 1]
I like my rosé red and my diamonds blue
Keep a dime chick like 5 times 2
I be killin these haters when I slide by through
Like a drive by do in a sky dive coop
Flyin, the whip sound like a lion
Keep a white girl with white girl like ryan
Uh, Shit I ain’t baggin, I’m buyin
A lot of these suckas be frauds, lyin
Really though, they fishin for a robbery
I got them biddies tryna hit me like a lottery
Haters wanna body me cause I’m a hot commodity
Puffin on that hater ease the pain like a apology
Niggas they can spit but they’ll never be as fly as me
Wrist lookin like the same arena where the Flyers be- ICEY
I know, I don’t think they like me
Maybe cause I might be dickin down they wifey
Umm, It’s easy to hate me it’s harder to love me
You a hater
Ask ya bitches bet ya all of them fucked me
They callin’ me hubby but they be callin’ for nothin’
Cause when I tell them hoes I like em I be kiddin like Cudi

They be like…
Yup yup we make em say…
Yup yup we make em say…
Yup we got em like…
Let’s get it
You got a boyfriend?
No, we don’t care
Now where that money at?
It’s over here
We ball hard
Bottles in the air
Chillin in the whip make them biddies stop and stare

[Verse 2]
Before I met T.I.P. I was the king, Martin Luther
Diamonds in the bezzle lookin husky, Rasputia
Don’t get it twisted I spit, but I’m a shooter
Glock 17 clip hangin longer then a ruler
Every time I see them hoes they be like
You the best like Drizzy, but I tell them I’m cooler
I ain’t even hit, she gave me brain like a tutor
I kick that chick out early in the morning like a rooster
I’m a D.O.P.E.B.O.Y
Lookin like money everytime I flow by
Haters hatin on me
I don’t know why
Cause I’m come from da bottom were da sun don’t shine
Pops died young so I had to man up
Cases got caught so I had to stand up
I’m the best around hands down hands up
Smack a sucka right in front of his squad and what like…


[Verse 3]
Them boys damn near forty
They ain’t fuckin with shorty
I shine like a buck worth of jewelry
For sure he the hottest in America
All guts glory
Benzo 6 all on that back, Rob Horry
Limbo, bend the corner all eyes on me
Like I’m 2Pac niggas envy
Wanna shakur me
Haters, why get mad?
I get paper
All black Camaro lookin like Darth Vader
Diamonds in ma chain like da water in Jamaica- all blue
Them biddies like “Who da F RU”
My niggas we ball through
Sumthin we all do
On that day she pop me she prolli will call you
My niggas tryna turn a pound of raw to a molly
In the kitchen million dollar whippin like Bugatti
Me, ma niggas got it
Hater like, how he do that?
Who that? we that!


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