MF Doom & BADBADNOTGOOD – The Chocolate Conquistadors (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-12-15

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MF Doom & BADBADNOTGOOD collaborate on Grand Theft Auto soundtrack titled “The Chocolate Conquistadors”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by BADBADNOTGOOD.

Mf Doom & Badbadnotgood The Chocolate Conquistadors

Mf Doom & Badbadnotgood The Chocolate Conquistadors

It’s not often that we hear from MF DOOM but when the enigmatic rapper does decide to pop out, it’s for a good reason. Teaming up with BadBadNotGood, Doom and the Canadian jazz trio reunite on wax for a funky new vibe to jumpstart your Saturday weekend titled, “The Chocolate Conquistadors.” The song is a union of incredible instrumentation and DOOM’s penchant for odd-ball, a stream-of-conscious flow that rattles through the funky production. This marks the first time they’ve worked together since collaborating on Ghostface Killah’s “Ray Gun” from Sour Soul.

The collaboration is set to appear Grand Theft Auto Online’s Cayo Perica Heist update. Additionally, it’s reported that they’ll also have solo songs featured on in-game stations from Flying Lotus and Giles Peterson.

MF Doom & BADBADNOTGOOD – The Chocolate Conquistadors (prod. BADBADNOTGOOD)


[Intro: MF DOOM]
Niño, [?] amigo, excusa me
[?] hombres
Ah, yeah, [?] hombres, [?] hombres, rappers
[?] Africa [?]
[?], [?]
[?] los conquistadores chocolates (It’s yours)

[Verse 1: MF DOOM]
Legitimize living lies, channel the cosmos
These God flows, yeah, they’re civilized
Hear the footsteps, here come the Moors
Neanderthals and scores, eatin’ wild boars
Thousands of years on tour, organize y’all
Wild whores smellin’ like animals through the pores on all fours
Foul cannibals hear the roars
We are the flesh of rebellions and lawless
[?] and it’s all blessed
All dressed in garbs of royalty
Gods, we’re sworn to be, righteous laws accordingly
Educated by the highly elevated
[?] and mind renovated
Once they stumble across the right answer
Remarkably similar to Wakanda, white panther
Urge to combat cancer, detoxin’ the liver, sexual is the answers
Symbolisms in Hollywood, jolly good
Shows us how evil manifests, or probably could
Divine beings, mind fleeing, conquistadores chocolates

[Verse 2: MF DOOM]
[?], a fake history to erase
Comin’ through the corridors of deep space
High beams, all I’m seeing
Find meaning, clairvoyant, mind reading
Nervous systems serves as wisdom
Flow superior, determine rythm
Electricity, eccentricity, afrocentric synchronicity
In the air everywhere, takin’ over
Chocolate conquerin’, supernova
Educatin’, dominatin’, time deflatin’, bomb on Satan
Wicked is gone, torn and shaken, force awakes (It’s time)
Back to them caves, conquistadores chocolates

[Instrumental Outro: BADBADNOTGOOD]

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