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Mpmania Mix 39

Mick Jenkins – “Contacts” [Audio, Lyrics, Video]

Mick Jenkins premieres the visual for “Contacts” co-produced by Eli Brown, Tae Beast & Rascal. Stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Mick Jenkins Contacts

Mick Jenkins Contacts

Mick Jenkins is readying the release of his upcoming album Elephant In The Room, and today the Chicago lyricist has delivered a new single from the project in “Contacts.” His first solo release since previous drop “Truffles,” this one is yet another strong offering from one of the game’s most consistently impressive emcees.

Set to the backdrop of a laid-back and mildly unsettling instrumental — the likes of which we seldom see tackled, a testament to Mick’s originality — Jenkins absolutely snaps in a commanding fashion. It’s clear that there are a few points he’s looking to get off his chest, as evidenced in the opening lines. “They say it ain’t trill enough, they say it ain’t drill enough,” he raps. “I’m coming from the illest side / I just know it’s real enough.”

Mick Jenkins – Contacts (prod. Eli Brown, Tae Beast & Rascal)

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[Verse 1]
Tell you how I feel inside
They say it ain’t trill enough
They say it ain’t drill enough
I’m coming from the illest side
I just know it’s real enough
Fuck what niggas think of that
The salt is pink, the ink is black
The grass is green, the link is broke
Flowin’ like the sink is broke, the drip is so consistent now
Watch him grow complicit, oh you flipping now?
Shit hit different, I need scissors now, cutting ties
Taperfading wit’ no clippers, don’t ask no Kawhi’s
Turn stone cold, you get to fucking wit’ my [?]
Stretching out, my shoulders wide
All my burdens boulder size
Mama right off Bouldercrest
I was right off 63rd, you know the vibes
Archetypes and prototypes, I know those guys
Prеss me, I could go get my shit notarized
Instantly, no polaroid’s
Instantly, I’m Jonah, y’all gon’ havе to throw me overboard

Huh, couple nights in the belly of the beast
Nigga came out like he know the lord, overjoyed
I don’t understand
When is y’all niggas gon’ realize
Real eyes realize real lies, huh
Real eyes realize real lies, help me see the truth

[Verse 2]
Tryna be more James, I walk in Peter shoes
Sparrows gotta be my views
Vintage frames I see ’em through
Fear God, I’m steppin’ in, no weapon formed, the needle move, the record scratch, the blessings pouring
Almost like I’m preapproved
For everything my credit good, my check is strong
My breakfast good, I’m shredding wheat the tears is gone I’m back in form
Overhead just like my baggage I unpack it for him
Don’t exaggerate I’m accurate this javelin throwin’
Tryna get my point across
Olympic preparations all these habits form
Elevated patterns, I can [?] some pH balance off
Went against the wave but I’m no Hasselhof
Ain’t no more low-key I took the silence off
Old school but the mileage new
Seen it from the palace view
Gotta be more hands on ain’t no way I get these calluses off
Skate grip, only ’cause they shape-shift
Famous for the fallacies
We been watchin’ matadors
Y’all still putting batteries in niggas backs, empowered by they salaries
Should see ’em when the camera’s off, you know the drill
Hit the wrong thing and now I’m Holyfield
Ha, help me see the truth
Tryna be more James, I walk in Peter shoes
Sparrows gotta be my views
Vintage frames I see ’em through

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