MoneyBagg Yo – “GO!”[Audio, Lyrics]

MoneyBagg Yo - GO! (ft. BIG30) (prod. Flex, FOREVEROLLING & RealRed)

American rapper and songwriter, MoneyBagg Yo unveils a new single, “GO!” featuring BIG30. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Moneybagg Yo Go!
Moneybagg Yo Go!

Following the release of his latest single “Hard For The Next” with Future, Memphis rapper MoneyBagg Yo returns with another new track called “GO!” This time, the multi-platinum recording artist grabs guest vocals from BIG30, one of the buzzing rappers rising out of Bagg’s hometown.

MoneyBagg Yo – GO! (ft. BIG30) (prod. Flex, FOREVEROLLING & RealRed)

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[Chorus: BIG30 & Moneybagg Yo]
That’s why it switches on my glee, pussy (Go, go)
And we put bump stock, .223, pussy (Go, go)
Charity, I gave it to them people (Go, go)
You fuckin’ with a certified speaker (Go, go)

[Verse 1: Moneybagg Yo & BIG30]
Not you ‘posed to be gangster, but salty ’bout the ho (Crazy)
How the fuck my artist bigger than your CEO? (Blrrd)
Why the hell she know I’m toxic but still fuck with me?
It’s plentiful right now, I’m still pouring on a pint of V
Prezi’ Rolex, emerald cut, still ain’t seen a watch like this jaunt (Nope)
All white guts, bitch can’t sit in here on her time of the month (Period)
Plain Jane shirt, but it’s a stack ’cause it say Saint Laurent (Cost)
Choppers and my dollars up, shooters hungry, get gobbled up (Get ate)
Stand-up guy, won’t speak on nothing that I see or saw (Shh)
Real weed, soon as I snatch it, it’s already bought (It’s gone)
Went to the right doctor, her booty and her titties soft (She grown)
Condom in my pocket, anxious, I still fucked her raw
My pull out game weak (Man), I pluck, I tweak (Fuck)
Red and white, Supreme ski, eleven whips, I go Kyrie (Go)
Tryna steal the recipe, you just a Bagg-wannabe
Bipolar personality, that’s why it’s switches on my glee (Blrrd)

[Chorus: BIG30 & Moneybagg Yo]
That’s why it’s switches on my glee, pussy (Go, go)
And we put bump stock .223, pussy, (Go, go)
Blrrrd, blrrd (Go, go)
Blrrd, flip a nigga street, pussy (Go, go)

[Verse 2: BIG30]
Now, how the fuck you get some fame? I been an opp (Opp)
Them folks ain’t rockin’ with ya’, they watching ’til you get dropped (Nope, get dropped)
I keep clutchin’ on this Glock ’cause these rocks poppin’ out my watch (Brr, brr)
Ain’t nobody on your block ’cause I’m the one who scoped the drop (Nope, that’s me)
I’m the one that knocked up on your door (Ayy, ayy)
Hit through there with that chopper (That’s me)
Bitch, we no hospital gang, nigga blessed if he see a doctor (See)
It’s two-twenty on the dash, bitch, I just left a helicopter
It’s a pint up in this car, twenty bowls, and a couple Roxies
Ayy, I’m slidin’ with a thotty (Thotty), I’m slidin’ with a nigga, bitch (Bitch)
Just got the drop from the lil’ ho, stop thinkin’ with ya dick (With ya dick)
Pour a tray of Wocky in the Fanta, they thought it was trish’ (Mud)
Ho, this six-hundred worth of drank, this shit thicker than grits (Ayy, heavy mud)

[Outro: Moneybagg Yo & BIG30]
Give it to ’em, I gave it to ’em (Go, blrrd, go, blrrd)
Said you know I did it, I gave it to ’em (Go, blrrdblrrdblrrd, go)
Charity, I gave it to them people (Go, go)
You fuckin’ with a certified speaker (Go, go)
(Red dead, I’m so fuckin’ bumpin’, bro)
(Hol’ up, flexin’ on that)

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