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Mpmania Mix 39

Mpmania Mix 39

Montana Of 300 – Faneto (remix) (ft. J-Real & Talley Of 300) (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Throwback to the remix of Montana Of 300’s “Faneto” single featuring J-Real & Talley Of 300. Listen, watch the video, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song.

Montana Of 300 Faneto (remix)

Montana Of 300 Faneto (remix)

Montana Of 300 – Faneto (remix) (ft. J-Real & Talley Of 300)

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Its more than this rap sh** my n***a
n***as better recognize
Know what f**ing time it is man
FGE sh** man
It’s our time
I don’t got no f**ing enemies
They all dead
And if I get some new ones
sh**, Imma just k** they a** too


40’s in this b**h
9’s in this b**h
Slide in this b**h
Iron on our hip
Squad in this b**h
We live in this b**h
Try in this b**h
You’ll die in this b**h!


[Verse 1: JReal]:

And I been hearing all that sneakdissing (sneakdissing)
I told bro don’t trip let me get him (Me get him)
They just mad cause we hot now (hot now)
FGE is all they talm bout (talm bout)
Tony told me world is ours now (ours now)
So all you s**as gotta starve now (starve now)
Y’all gone make me bring the block out (block out)
Hop out with the moptop
Tear your block down
Y’all know how I rock n***a (rock n***a)
1500 be the block n***a (block n***a)
n***as try to take my life but I ain’t going (ain’t going)
Stupid Steve hit the corner blowing
Now you know shorty with the sh** (with the sh**)
And with this 40 I don’t miss (BOOM BOOM!)
I’m in the trap working out my wrist
b**h I’m paid in full
Ho I think I’m Mitch (I think I’m Mitch)
I got money I got guns (I got guns)
I might shoot some sh** up just for fun (just for fun)
f** wrong with these n***as
Must be dumb (must be dumb)
They don’t know that I’m Nick Cannon with that drum!

[Verse 2: Talley of 300:

My toungue hold life
But my belt hold d**h n***a
I’d rather give love
But got no problem giving you rest n***a
I’m down to die by it
Take a stand
Live bout it
God my only judge b**h
‘Til then f** justice
Cause I’ll pray for my enemies
Friends and those kin to me
But don’t never cross God’s son
Cause I’ll take breath from any 3
I only trust that money in this cruel world
But they hating
Hope they ready for the new world
FGE we taking off
And this plane won’t lose fuel n***a
300 we run it
You can’t f** with this duo n***a
All stripes when we take shots
On whatever pocket
Pool n***a
And we gone let you mold that
Unload that
On you mule n***as
Fool sh** don’t fly with us
And on f** sh** I ain’t lighting up
Only real ones get to ride with us
And any loose ends
Getting tightened up
Back to Benjamins
That’s how I make sense of it
n***a tell me what’s real
I’ll show you what the difference is
I’m a matador
Cash is what I got in store
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Work you up
Cut you up
b**h I won’t go back and forth
Weigh my arm and hammer
When you hear that thunder
That ain’t Thor
Be in the block
Come back for more
Give them what they asking for
Make ’em bite the dust
Right after they smack the floor
b**h I’m a drop 30 on you
My shooter gone match my score
If you can see me you dreaming
b**h but don’t wake the demons
Cause we ain’t aim at your [?]!

[Verse 3: Montana of 300]:

Uhh huh
Stupid b**h
Getting money with my brothers
I’m Nino (I’m Nino)
f** n***as getting robbed if I need dough (If I need dough)
Don’t cooperate
No problem we gone blow (We gone blow)
Don’t ask us no sh** about no murders
We don’t know (We don’t know)
Punch lines hitting hard
He Debo (He Debo)
You rappers funny
Fu as f**
See before
My fans turnt watching
Can’t sit calm
T.V show
I just hit a stain faneto (faneto)
I be getting brain from these hoes (From these hoes)
Take off like a plane on these hoes
No I don’t got no change for these hoes
I ain’t Wayne
I don’t never make it rain on these hoes
I’m that n***a
I don’t gotta spit no game to these hoes (To these hoes)
Pretty birds on my thang
Flamingo (Flamingo)
And b**h i just got 30K for 3 shows
f** a label
I’m too f**ing hot
They can’t cool me down
k**ing sh**
Flow so f**ing sick
Call up Doogie Hows
Been connected like a unibrow
Since a juvenile
In the whip cruising through the town
Hustling moving pounds
From the gutter
Got it out the mud
But I’m not Snootie Wild
Been in trouble
Beat 2 or 3 cases
f** your jury trial
Never gave up
Never threw in towels
Made my goonies proud
Model b**hes wanna do me now
They like groupies now
I’m in they mouth
Like a root canal
Your boo blew me down
2 3 rounds for you goofy clowns
Better move around
No mechanic but no need to panic
Keep theat tooley round
Bet he rest
45 to his chest
Call him Boobie Miles
Shoot em’ up
Then I shoot em’ down
We don’t fool around
Wet em’ up
Come swim with the sharks
I bet you will drown
Yo squad filled with p**ycats
Make yo crew meow
Extendo clips
I’m 33’n y’all
Patrick Ewing style
I’ll smoke everybody in this b**h
Like a hookah lounge
Broski nem blowing fruity loud
My whole crew be wild

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