mpJOKES: GBAGAUNS of the Year

1) Do you like fried ch!cken or barbing cube ch!cken (Maggie cube ch!cken nko?)

2) It’s not barbing cube but barbie queue ch!cken (Yekpa)

3) Are you on yahoo male or skype (No am on yahoo female)

4) Bend your niece and touch your toes (My cousin nko?)

5) Truth or there? (Here)

6) Power supply is remains epileptic (Your English is epileptic)

7) No matter what one day everybody must dead (Are you alive?)

8) Messi Johnson bringed her daughter to film shooting place (Faints)

9) Am a handsome guy to the call (My phone is ringing)

10) He is not peaking my calls (Peak, it’s in you)

11) I’m having saul throat, what is the cause? (Ask paul)

12) Majority carries the volt (even the transformer)

13) Messi has worn the award (Na cloth?)

14) Chairs to the freaking weekend (Plastic chairs or cushion?)

15) Anybody that supports this killings is a carnival (Calabar or Lagos carnival?)

16) Ini Edo is my Roll modem (Visafone or Mtn?)

17) If I marry Hussein Bold I don’t need a family car (Hussein Curve nko?)

18) I feel like linking ice cream (with USB abi?)

19) She brake my hat (She throttle my own)

20) Goldie is finally out of bbm abi? (Abeg I don come down here, BBM ko Whatsapp ni)

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