MuWop – “Nobody Move” [Audio, Lyrics]

MuWop - Nobody Move (ft. King Von) (prod. Ghostrage & Kid Hazel)

Rapper, unveils “ (Don’t Move)”, a & -produced single featuring . Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download the song.

Muwop Don't Move
Muwop Don’t Move

The rap game continues to mourn the death of King Von who was fatally shot in November. The budding rapper was emerging as a new face from the drill scene, even though he grew up alongside artists like Chief Keef and Lil Durk. Von was a new frontrunner leading a new generation of artists from Chicago as their sound became synonymous with Brooklyn and London.

This week, fellow O’Block native MuWop unveiled their long-awaited collaboration, “Don’t Move.” The sounds of drill remain the foundation of the song, even with bits of dancehall weaved into it. The song opens up with a sample of YellowMan’s “Nobody Move Nobody Get Shot” before sliding into the hard-hitting production with menacing bars. “I had to shoot the video without you it hurt me a lot but I still turned up for us Love You and you know I got you,” Wop wrote on Twitter.

MuWop – Don’t Move (ft. King Von)

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[Intro: Muwop & King Von]
Huh? What?

[Verse 1: Muwop & King Von]
Nobody move, nobody get hurt
I’m droppin’ him fast, I’m shootin’ him first (Boom, boom, boom)
My Glizzy ain’t clean, I’m leavin’ him dead on the scene
I’m puttin’ niggas in the dirt (Grrah, grrah)
Give me a ten, I need a Perc’ (Pop)
He a goofy, ain’t put in no work (Nah, nah)
Amiri Jeans, it match the shirt (Yeah)
2K, I can get you a verse (Gang)

[Verse 2: King Von]
We slidin’ back to back and we ain’t catch ’em, but it’s okay (Slide, slide)
The opps ain’t never on they block, I’m finna slide to where they stay (Huh? Where they at? What?)
We in VIP, thirty deep, bitch, get out my way (Get out my way)
I got this Glock on me, the police come, my shorty take the case (Boom, boom, boom)
He moved OT, but he not safe (Nah, nah, nah)
We heard them sirens, so he gotta wait (Boom)
See, he fucked up, now he gotta pay (Huh?)
I’m in the A, I tote a ‘K (Grrah, grrah)
Locked me up, but I found a way (Yeah)
He’s still alive, he got a a date (Date, date)
My bodies old, I’m turnin’ grey (Boom, boom)
Get Back Gang, do this for HK

[Verse 3: Muwop & King Von]
We was in the streets, straight totin’ heat, ain’t never squash no beef (No beef)
My bullets R.I.P., you play with me, you’ll never see next week (Next week)
I never cuff no freak, I never leave my heat
I never shake up G’ and I never leave my team (My team)
Early mornin’, wake up, I was yawnin’ (Huh?)
‘Round the crack of dawn and folksnem called me (What?)
They know that I’m comin’, my drum hold a hundred (Grrah, grrah)
My car runnin’, E-way hit a hundred (Vroom)
Pull up, got to dumpin’ (Boom, boom, boom)
They was runnin’, I hop back in my car, now the police comin’

[Outro: Muwop & King Von]
Don’t get hurt (Don’t get hurt, nigga)
Don’t get murked (Don’t get murked, nigga)
On a shirt (On a shirt, nigga)
Put in work (Put in work, nigga)

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