Nas – Angel Dust (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-06-19

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Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download the “Angel Dust (Angels with Dirty Faces)” song by legendary rapper, Nas.

Nas Angel Dust

Nas Angel Dust

Nas, who writes raps for the characters in the series, delivers a fitting throwback on his new track. Over production reminiscent of the disco-infused sounds of early rap, Nas tells a story about the dangers of “Angel Dust,” otherwise known as PCP.

Nas – Angel Dust


[Intro (Sampled)]
Angel Dust
Yeah, Angel Dust
Yeah, Angel Dust

Angels with dirty faces, angels with broken wings
The devil’s dust, PCP invading bloodstreams
People lining up to get it, fantastic, knew how to flip it
Illegal substance constructed and plus addictive
Trusted and respected, almost got me arrested
All the time I invested in school is now of question
Child prone to violence like a dog returns to its own vomit
A fool for chaos, taking what we could salvage
Hustling is a art, I’m just tryna be smart
Strung out bodies found in the park, Shaolin was my heart
We stood for loyalty, all we had was each other’s back
My raps were like crystallized powder before crack
Raw, uncut, like what is sold in front of the storefront
The sidewalk was my brother’s office
We cut our losses, I had choices
I took a pen, became the voice for the voiceless
My people walking in a zombie state
Life is short, even mine’s at stake

“The government says that angel dust can kill you if you take it or it can cause you to kill others.”

“The scourge of angel dust has been linked to psychosis, violence, schizophrenia, and the epidemic runs especially rampant in the Bronx. My administration will hunt down these poison pushers and arrest them one my one until we get directly to the source.

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