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Mpmania Mix 39

Nas – “Big Nas” [Audio, Lyrics, Video]

Throwback to Nas’ “Big Nas” original song from ‘Masterclass’ produced by Hit-Boy. Stream, watch the video, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Nas Big Nas

Nas Big Nas

Nas and Hit-Boy didn’t have to do it — the pair could have been content to bask in the success of King’s Disease 2, one of the strongest albums of the year released thus far. And yet the duo has already kept it moving with some brand new music, this time associated with Nas’ upcoming MasterClass on hip-hop storytelling, which is currently set to land on October 14th.

Today marks the arrival of new single “Big Nas,” a track that once again highlights the legendary rapper’s effortless mind for stellar lyricism. “You could write yourself out of your blessings / wreck your Lambo the first day just from driving too reckless,” he raps. “Time is too precious, these some obvious lessons / Please, remind me to watch my step while I balancе on edges.” While it’s unclear as to whether Nas and Hit-Boy are planning on turning King’s Disease into a trilogy, it’s clear that they aren’t planning on wrapping up quite yet.

Nas – Big Nas (prod. Hit-Boy)

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A man reproduces himself, through his child
So many leave here, he can just smile
But I see if he can stay here a while
Maybe buy a timeshare somewhere
Rock bump wear, beach chair
Write a book each year

You can write yourself out of your blessings
Wreck a lambo, the first stage is by driving too reckless
Time is too precious
These some obvious lessons
Please, remind me too watch my stеp while I balance on edgеs
Ski on the slopes of life
Slide down the ave at night
Watching the graff and graffiti on walls, that’s a sight
Cars from germany, I be pushin’ the fastest type
Look into real estate, brother, I need to ask in price

Imagine another rapper makin’ me perspire
I got more style, and more flows, plus I am most flyer
I got more heights too reach, but I am already higher
I am already onto the next thing, peace & bless king
Peace & bless king

Big nas, old money, new money
Rap money, tec money, flex money
What’s next? You funny
Me, myself, I am the illest alive
I can do a whole album on how it feel too survive

My daughter’s a businesswoman, I am so proud of her
My son is almost 12, and he’s so knowledgeable
New music, new content, and new programming
I run the game and
Got my hands in everything like kids with bad manners
Save the high school banter
At night school you studied my life lookin’ for answers
I hear my callin’, heart poundin’ down my chest
Wish I could bring back x, god bless

I don’t practice, hard too remember my lines
I am just here so I don’t get fine
I am athletically poectis
These are alpha male, alphabetics
Never trust a rolling stone cover but I don’t sweat it

Imagine another rapper makin’ me prespire
I got more style, & more flows, plus I am most flyer
I got more heights too reach, but I am already higher
I am already onto the next thing, peace & bless king
Peace & bless king

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