50 Cent returns on Nas’ “Office Hours” (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-07-24

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The rap legend 50 Cent makes a powerful comeback on Nas’ track “Office Hours,” featured on the newly dropped Magic 2 album. Produced by the talented Hit-Boy and Rogét Chahayed, this collaboration is set to be an explosive hit.

New York Hip-Hop legends join forces on “Office Hours”, as Nas recruits 50 Cent for a star-studded collab on his summer 2023 album, Magic 2. It’s the first time the two have been on a song together since 50 Cent’s “Who U Rep With” and “Too Hot”, in 2002.

The song is produced by Hit-Boy, who continues his stretch of dominance in Hip-Hop with Nas over the past few years, as he has executively produced the King’s Disease series and both Magic albums. Hit’ previously worked with 50 Cent on his 2012 track, “Business Mind”.

Fans first anticipated the collab when sources reported that Nas was readying what was believed to be a fourth King’s Disease album with a 50 Cent feature. Ultimately, 50 made his presence known on this LP via social media when the album was announced:

Y’all ain’t heard me in a minute, Nas felt like it was time so it’s done.

50 Cent via Instagram.

Nas – Office Hours (ft. 50 Cent) (prod. Hit-Boy & Rogét Chahayed)

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21 July 2023
1 Song, 3 minutes
℗ 2023 Mass Appeal


[Intro: Nas]
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh
Yeah, yeah
No reason to stop, ah
That shit just flowin’ like water
Let it float
Bruce Lee said, “Be like water, flow like water”
Just coast
Don’t even think about that
Hip Hop’s back

[Chorus: Nas]
Esco, they know over 808’s or fatal over samples
I go yayo, crack music like the yezos, I’m plugged in
Jumper cables, trap, bumpin’ like pre-Nato 70’s
I played with Play-Doh, all I see a bunch of Fredos

[Verse 1: Nas]
Godfather, they on payroll, they on go, when I say so
Not to kill, not a halo
They gon’ build, plant tomatoes in the field
Now those Jada white negotiator on the phone
Talkin’ paper, office hours all day though
I’m from the hood that started the YERRR (YERRR)
Go and check and do your research, I started the surge
That big necklace shit
After the 80’s, after Rakim, I resurrected it
Chest is lit, freezin’, I’m polar vortexin’ it
Got it, quiz me, am I gonna step from the business? (Uh-huh)
A lot of fillings in this game like I just left the dentist (Sheesh)
Without a numbin’ needle
I feed the people ’cause I love the people
Two series at once, yeah, let’s run the sequel

[Bridge: Nas]
If I really gotta dumb it down for some of y’all
That’s that Magic and KD at the same time
Not Dumber or Dumber
This ain’t a Dumb or Dumber sequel
Jeff Daniels, Jim Carrey’s my mans (Yeah)
But here’s the plan

[Verse 2: Nas & 50 Cent]
I don’t need an OG pass
See my trajectory is everlastin’ like Curtis Jackson
Hit 105 and did a crazy tirade
I’m surprised that I acted that way
A baby MAC-10, on my yak shit
Carhartt in the cold
Don’t get confused or used or let them bother your soul
Rap what I live, I sleep good, I have no vendettas
We the reason you spell “NY” with capital letters, listen
And for those who want my position
You gotta step inside a time machine, come back with a vengeance
You should go study my analytics
I shouted people on verses that ain’t deserve it
When it’s turf shit, I stand on business
Shout to the ones at home, I gave passes
Could’ve been a lot of graves full of caskets
Damn, I’m a good guy
For that I think I’m blessed more
All these Fredos could’ve been added to the death score
There’ll be second line dancin’ on St. Charles Street
New Orleans band was jammin’, playin’ a raw beat
They gon’ miss him, sad, they say they stopped his heartbeat
Like his arteries clogged from feastin’ on some hard meat (Haha)

[Verse 3: 50 Cent]
Innocent victim
Stick ’em, get ’em, book ’em
Good you got ’em, glad you took ’em
Black and wasn’t lookin’, headshot
Drill shit up the pole, peel shit, .40 Glock
Kill switch, run, bitch, you still hit
Ratpack ’em, jump ’em, gun butt ’em, rub ’em
He fight back, slump him
This shit ain’t ’bout nothin’
You saw it but you ain’t seen shit
This is Queens shit
No ifs, ands or buts in between shit
It’s 50, nigga
You already know how I get when I get on my bullshit (Ha, haha)
Niggas tweakin’ and geekin’ (Uh, uh)
Southside, nigga, QB nigga, yeah
So what we gon’ do? Where Jungle at?
What we gon’ do?
We stayin’ in here? Or we goin’ out?
Shit, we should go out, we rich as a motherfucka

[Chorus: Nas]
Esco, they know over 808’s or fatal over samples
I go yayo, crack music like the yezos, I’m plugged in
Jumper cables, trap, bumpin’ like pre-Nato 70’s
I played with Play-Doh, all I see a bunch of Fredos

[Outro: Nas]
All I see is a bunch of Fredos
All I see is a bunch of Fredos, all I
All I see is a bunch of Fredos, ha
Ha, ayo Fif’, I might put my next album out on G-Unit
You let ’em slap you around out here
You can’t let ’em slap you around out here, it’s bad for the family
They put a hand on you, you put two on them
Fuckin’ Fredos
One thing I hate is a fuckin’ Fredo
It’s bad for the family


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