Nas – Spicy (ft. Fivio Foreign & A$AP Ferg) (Audio, Lyrics)

Nas - Spicy (ft. Fivio Foreign & A$AP Ferg) (prod. Hit-Boy)

Nas’ King’s Disease album also holds the “Spicy” track featuring both Fivio Foreign & A$AP Ferg. Listen, stream buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the Hit-Boy-produced song.

Nas Spicy
Nas Spicy

When the tracklist for Nas and Hit-Boy’s King’s Disease emerged earlier this week, many were surprised by the choice of feature artists. Of course, The Firm reunion was the biggest jaw-dropper but what was more surprising was seeing the slew of new artists that Nas enlisted for the project. Nas swaps bars with Big Sean while Don Toliver holds down hook duties on “Replace Me” while he and Lil Durk pay homage to Black mothers and women on “Til The War Is Won.”

The most surprising feature, however, came on the bonus track, “Spicy.” Initially, many, including myself, were reluctant to hear Nas attempt to tackle Brooklyn drill after seeing Fivio Foreign and A$AP Ferg’s name attached to it. However, they connect for an intergenerational New York banger with Hit-Boy on the beat providing triumphant piano chords and crispy drums.

Nas – Spicy (ft. Fivio Foreign & A$AP Ferg) (prod. Hit-Boy)


[Intro: Nas]

[Verse 1: Nas]
Boss shit, your Lordship
Niggas talkin’ yachts since I’m on shit
I used to run the block, now I’m corporate (Corporate)
Hoppin’ out, you know it’s Son when the doors lift
Whole squad hide the burners (Whole squad)
Mets hats in the sky like Bobby Shmurda
They watch me like the chip’, courtside at The Rucker
Flow only getting tougher, she beggin’ me to cuff her
Brooklyn Sweet Chick, waffles with raspberry butter
Wear a mink at the roller rink middle of the summer
If I can’t get it done, I got soldiers with me to cover
Queens get the money, we only stackin’ it upwards
G’s stay icy ’cause shit get spicy
She on Demon Time, I get her a timepiece
Patek, niggas not lit, not like me
Can’t get nothin’ by me, my mind is 2090

[Chorus: Nas & Fivio Foreign]
¿Qué lo que? Everybody pricy
Cost money, beat the charge money
Fast money, push to start money
Large money, Escobar money (Uh)

[Verse 2: Fivio Foreign]
Little advice (Little advice), always add spice (Uh)
Always get the liquor with the ice (Not me)
I don’t give a fuck if that’s his wife (Nah)
I could bag any bitch in these all-white Nikes (Uh)
That ain’t right (Nah), if she tell me, “No”, I’m gettin’ tight
Look, every time you saw me I was nice (Ayy)
Every time I saw you, you was light (You was)
Uh, every bitch you with look like a dyke (Lil’ bitch)
Uh, I mean she might (Might) not never be my type, nah
She might never be my type, look
That bitch is trash (Bitch is trash), I only fuck her for the hype (Uh)
I only fuck her for the hype, look (Uh)

[Chorus: Nas]
¿Qué lo que? Everybody pricy
Cost money, beat the charge money
Fast money, push to start money
Large money, Escobar money

[Verse 3: A$AP Ferg]
Niggas saying Ferg back, but I been with the shits
Might make a grill with Tiffany’s on my gentleman shit
My drill niggas out in Brooklyn and they spinnin’ and shit
Bumpin’ Pop out the whip while we sippin’ and shit (Movie)
Model bitches that’s precise, fuck attendants off the flights
Keep the vision through the lights, never blinded by the hype
Keep the Tommy near the belly, sincere ’cause I’m hype
Got a ghetto Naomi Campbell, designer with the Nikes
I’m the one talkin’ spice, twelve-year-old killers
With the guns and the knives, better run for your life
Got a queen in Queens and my ex a Puerto Rican spice
My Harlem bitch doin’ time, gettin’ caught up with the swipes

[Chorus: Nas]
¿Qué lo que? Everybody pricy
Cost money, beat the charge money (Uh)
Fast money, push to start money (Uh)
Large money, Escobar money (Lil’ bitch)

[Outro: A$AP Ferg & Nas]
Hit-Boy, we got another one (Pricy)
Nastradamus, Fivio (Vroom)
A$AP Ferg (Yeah!)

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