Nef The Pharaoh – Mentions (ft. DaBoii) (Audio, Video)

Nef The Pharaoh - Mentions (ft. DaBoii)

Nef The Pharaoh is out with “Mentions” featuring DaBoii. Listen, watch the video, stream, buy, mp3 downloaded the song.

Nef The Pharaoh Mentions
Nef The Pharaoh Mentions

The collaboration is led by a very familiar soul sample if you’re a fan of Anita Baker, with the track incorporating a loop of her chorus from the classic ballad “More Than You Know” off her GRAMMY-winning album, Compositions. The R&B vibes balance out the hard-hitting street shit that both NEF and DaBoii are spitting, giving “Mentions” a familiar hip-hop soul feel that was all over the charts in the 1990s and early 2000s. Whether or not these two are bringing that sound back is subjective, but one thing we can say is that this collab alone makes us very excited for SINsational to drop.

The album is set to include 13 tracks, with features ranging from Derek King and the aforementioned DaBoii to Mari Taylor, Offset Jim, Chris O’Bannon and Miami Tha Most. Overall, it appears that the Bay Area emcee is looking to pull this one off primarily on his own with a few dope voice to assist. We’re here for it!

Nef The Pharaoh – Mentions (ft. DaBoii)

Quotable Lyrics:

Been on the road a whole month, now my babymomma b*tchin’
Bullets hotter than tea bags, now you limping
How many doors you opened up, NEF? More than they know
I took some L’s on the chin; I’m the bounce back pro
I was just in a stolen car, seat back low
I got game and I spit it hard, to teach that hoe

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