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Mpmania Mix 39

Nipsey Hussle – Love (Audio, Lyrics)

In celebration of Nipsey Hussle’s posthumous birthday on the 15th, we make a throwback to His “Love” song produced by The High Standard.

Nipsey Hussle Love

Nipsey Hussle Love

Nipsey Hussle – Love (prod. The High Standard)


Now, I don’t ever wanna hear you niggas say you doubtin’ shit again

Look, look
Fake niggas, don’t show me love
And all you fake bitches, I don’t want yo hugs
I got this pistol and a gang of hundreds
In this drop Mercedes-Benz, gettin’ dumb blunted
Don’t be surprised if you don’t get what you never wanted
I’m on my fifth fly whip while you ain’t never stunted
Never going broke, funny ’cause I never budget
Lotta niggas ’round now that I ain’t never fucked with
That’s why I’m in and out of town, out in other countries
It’s like the less I come around, the more I get money
And I been catching wind lately that the feds want me
But I’m gon’ keep getting rich, so it’s gon’ get ugly
Told my mama I’ma gang bang graduate
Pioneered the transition from this Crippin’ wasn’t easy nigga, but I mastered it
That’s why I still deliver raps so passionate
Built my own lane, ain’t no nigga ever hand me shit
Slauson Avenue, do you understand the averages?
The fact I’m still standing speaks volumes to my savages
We lust lavishness and aim for extravagance
Even if it’s only temporary
‘Least we had the shit
I press the gas ’til one-60 on the dash is hit
My bitch lit the blunt and passed the shit
Look, iPhone 4’s and life on tour
Get five racks every night, what’s the price on yours?
I’m down to splurge on my bitch, ’cause I don’t wife no whores
Get the whole fall collection if she like that store
Baby, rhyme crazy, that’s just how this life made me
Trust funds for Emani, in case this life take me
I live it to the fullest, never let this life break me
Thus far it’s been a cold demonstration
Number one question now is, “Did the fame the change me?”
Fuckin’ right young nigga, should I be still gang bangin’?
Wait, hold up, hold that thought, take these shots
And tell my niggas S.I.P. The Marathon don’t stop
Before I sell my soul, I give my life
It’s been a minute but we gon’ get right, watch..

I’m out here on a mission and I’m all alone
I’m far from where I’m going and I’m far from home
Somehow I know I’m moving in the right direction
Mama always told me I was gon’ be special

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