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Mpmania Mix 39

Mpmania Mix 39

Omen – Undercover (Audio, Lyrics)

Throwback to Omen’s “Undercover”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by J. Cole.

Omen Undercover

Omen Undercover

Omen – Undercover (prod. J. Cole)


[Verse 1]
They say I’m wicked check the appetite. We ain’t half alike
They say that boy Omen a trip. Well I ain’t packin’ light
I’m somethin’ like a raptor like, human sacrifice
When this mic is in my hand, I’m spittin’ fire
Got ’em looking like, a candle light
I’m undercover, I’m like Columbo mixed with Sherlock Holmes
That’s right, word got home
About your plans and your schemes
Fancy regimes, it’s over with
TV full of dumb hoes
And naw I’m not no Overton
So sorry, won’t be wife-ing
It seems to me, that only when we dumb is when you love us
Putting us upon your magazine covers
And I know about your history
All about your trickery
Your tendencies
And what your real incentive be
And how you want supremacy
You see I know your number, blow your cover
Detective Omen no problem with being the lonesome gunner
I know you act as if it’s blessing you givin’
Food for thought
But I don’t really trust this chef in the kitchen

[Hook 1] (2x)
Rolling around the town like a lost Trojan soldier
Appalled at my culture with all this exposure
Tore down our chapels, forbidden fruit and
My teeth in these apples is all on my lawn

[Verse 2]
Give em poor education
Feed em with degradation
Give em more segregation
That’s how we can penetrate them
Condition their mental
This is experimental is far from coincidental
My gun has turned to a pencil
Treat us like a project
So they put us in the projects
Divide and conquer understand
Dissolve this it’s to process
Make dumb cool
Then make smart lame
Make em apathetic
Don’t matter as long as they entertain
Don’t need the KKK
Don’t need the CIA
Make em turn on each other
And kill themselves that’s how we play
No fingerprints no inconveniences
If they ever trace it back to us then we can plead the fifth
While we eat organic apples
Their neighborhoods is gettin’ McDonald’s
Forbidden fruit in their stomachs, see it make em unravel
If they’re ever keen & aware we make em seem crazy
And it’s all going according to plan from what I’ve seen lately

[Hook] (2x)

On the low, on the low, on the low, did ya know
It’s on the low, It’s on the low, It’s on the low, tell me did ya know
It’s on the low, It’s on the low, It’s on the low, well did ya know
It’s on the low, It’s on the low, It’s on the low, Detective “O”

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