Paybac (iBoro)- Hey Jude (Audio, Lyrics)

Paybac - Hey Jude

Listen, MP3 Download and get the Lyrics to HEY JUDE by Nigerian hip-hop act, PAYBAC.

Paybac Hey Jude
Paybac Hey Jude

Eccentric Nigerian lyricist Paybac is currently promoting his forthcoming studio album Cult, which is set to drop on Friday and is widely anticipated by his expanding fanbase and a large section of the hip-hop consuming populace in the country. Today, he delivers a promotional track off the album titled Hey Jude, which was inspired by M.I Abaga and takes a dig at Chocolate City affiliated rapper Blaqbonez. It’s a signature performance by Paybac and we can’t wait to get initiated into the sounds of CULT.

Paybac – Hey Jude


This songs a war cry from the son of the most high
I’m like mayor in choc city motivating all you four guys
You signed Pinky and the Brain
They tried to take over the world and that’s alright
For the culture or for the profit check and balance thats all lies
Smack the melanin out blaq till that nigga is off white
If we don’t see eye to eye when you see me then it’s on sight
I come with more hits than a pornsite
Album of the year my shit gon haunt you for your whole life
Tell q and that other guy 2020 vision gave me foresight
MI I’ll cut you open just to take a bath in your blood why
Why I gotta diss Mi for y’all to listen
How come we only make headlines from rap dissing
I made the headies line acting of my intuition
Hottest underground like the serpent still spitting
But they only pay attention when we name names
As if when you have the crown you need to lay claim
Blame game
Rappers or fan who is to blame mayne
Compare us to alte and pop like it’s the same thing
They told me change lanes and styles to bring the change in
And Save for the rainy day felt everyday it was raining

Man If I could get a Toyota like olu then I could maintain

Closed mouths don’t get fed so for food rappers say anything

As rappers you do whatever for attention tho
I get it so
If you got a shot to shoot then my nigga you better let it blow
Outta this world you rappers couldn’t see me even with telescope
The crowd finna lay on my head before my last episode

I’m strong enough to carry the rap game on my back
I’m Batman on the track
Inspired by dark knights in the cave I spent fading to black
Pages of rap
Till I ran out
The writings on the wall
My Raps cavemen art
I’m stating a fact
Even the last straw couldn’t break my back
In the lab cooking up the rock till we breaking bad
Least breaking even
Every evening
The news got somebody Mama weeping
Or somebody bleeding
My niggas ? Tryna a get Visa out this country leaving
Politician play dead like they don’t hear the truth that we speaking
The revolution won’t be televised it shall be tweeted
Even the atheist will believe
Till we well rooted I ain’t leaving
Seed of faith so these fruits of my labor I gotta reap it

And I hope you folks know the flow colder than cold shoulders
As hard as stone Boulder
Hot as gun out the holster
They put my back to the wall my nigga now I’m the poster
You posta smile
But everybody know you don’t joke with the joker
That ice chain is a choker
That label just a promoter
When you gotta lean on yourself
You get to the top a lil slower
It’s always green on the other like a lawn mower
The flow kept me afloat
I feel just like Noah

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