Peewee Longway – “Let’s Get High” [Audio]

Peewee Longway - Let's Get High

American rapper, Peewee Longway returns with a brand new 4/20 single titled “Let’s Get High”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download the song.

Peewee Longway Let's Get High
Peewee Longway Let’s Get High

4/20 might even mean more these days with cannabis becoming more and more widely accepted across America. Slowly, more states are legalizing the plant or, at the very least, making it more accessible for medical patients who rely on cannabis as medicine. That being said, 4/20 is still a day to celebrate the achievements made in cannabis culture and how far things have progressed in recent years.

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Peewee Longway - Pink Salmon (ft. Cassius Jay)

Today remains a day when artists emerge with new music to smoke to. PeeWee Longway delivered his latest single this morning, aptly titled, “Let’s Get High.” The rapper tackles a smooth beat with the 808 drums kicking as he goes into detail about his love for the cannabis plant.

Peewee Longway – Let’s Get High

Quotable Lyrics
This shit so good, when I buy my pound
I just might smoke one right now
I smoke like Wiz, I smoke like Snoop
We got stronger pounds

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